Easter Break 2014 - Office Closed

Enjoy those Easter eggs! (Which have nothing to do with the original Christian mythology, but rather derive their roots in the Pagan religions that preceded it for thousands of years or even the Zoroastrians.)Did you know that in moderation chocolate is very good for you? Did you also know that most Easter eggs have very little actual cocoa (the real chocolate) in them, in fact they mostly sugar in various forms - which isn't that good for you.We'll be closed from Monday, 14th April to Monday, 21st April 2014. Clients with Priority Support contracts will not be affected. Ad-hoc Support clients can still lodge tickets but they won't be processed until we return to the office on Tuesday, 22nd April 2014.


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Frequently Asked Questions about EasyStaging.

Trouble Shooting

EasyStaging is not an extension for the non-technical user. As we've said repeatedly if you don't understand what rsync is, how SQL works or for that matter Javascript, you shouldn't be using EasyStaging.

If you do understand all of these things and still have problems, here's our normal order of trouble shooting when a new site is being setup

When EasyStaging, won't "run" a plan or step:

  1. Check the browsers console for errors. (e.g. resouces not loaded, Javascript errors).
  2. Make sure you can run rsync from your command line without a password prompt
  3. Use a web debugging proxy (like Charles) to check what is being sent between your browser and the server.

When the EasyStaging interface looks "wrong"

(yes, seriously that's the sort of helpful description we get)

  1. Check the browsers console for errors. (e.g. resouces not loaded, Javascript errors).
  2. See 1 (100 times out of 100, so far it's been resolved to a CSS/JS file not being loaded).

When EasyStaging hangs in the Database step…

The 1.0 version of the free EasyStaging will on some setups will hang in the Database Step (usually after telling you it has connected successfully) during the initial Plan run. If the remote database is empty and this happens simply add a table to the remote database using PHPMyAdmin or similar and re-run the plan.


When you don't understand what your doing, see our first sentence at the top of this FAQ.

Getting Help

Support for EasyStaging is not provided.

We do provide a community forum where you can discuss EasyStaging with other user (but, it's pretty barren as anyone using it should be able to address any problems they encounter).


EasyStaging is a dangerous tool, if you can't figure out basic issues (e.g. installation issues, file permissions, out of memory problems) that occur with Joomla! then you shouldn't be using it.


Permissions after 'rsync'

With 'rsync' the permissions are based on the user account that rsync connects to at the target location. Depending on your OS and whether rsync is being connected via ssh or rsyncd will affect the permissions that are applied.

e.g. if you have a WHM/cPanel server you should always connect to the cPanel user account for the website in question that way the permissions will match.

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