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EasyTable Editor (Part 4) - Preferences


Like all good Joomla! components EasyTable let you specific a set of preferences. Starting with component level preferences, menu level preferences and then content level, with each level overriding the previous in true Joomla fashion.

EasyTable Component Preferences

The EasyTable manager allows you to set component wide preferences (commonly referred to as the "Global" preferences) by click on the Parameters icon in the right hand side of the toolbar. It looks like this:

Joomla Parameters Icon

The same Preferences can be set in both EasyTable menu items and in each Table, naturally following Joomla! convention Global/Component preferences are overridden by Menu preferences which are in turn overridden by the contents preferences. In the Joomla environment an EasyTable table is the content.

For EasyTable the Preferences (or in Joomla parlance "Parameters") are as follows:

  • Show Table Description
    • If set to Yes the Description field will be displayed below the Title of the table in list or table views.
  • Show Table Search
    • If set to Yes the Search field will be displayed in the table views allowing your users to search for matching records in the table.
  • Show Table Pages
    • If a table has more than 20 records (or the default list number for your web site) the table will be shown using standard Joomla pagination. Setting this to No will result in all records being shown on a single page.
  • Show Creation Date
    • Show's the Creation Date as you would normally expect in Joomla!
  • Show Modified Date
    • Show's the Modified Date as you would normally expect in Joomla!


EasyTable Table Preferences

These Preferences are able to be set on a per table basis - if you set these preference in the Table Editor they will override the Global and Menu preferences.

In the Editor the preferneces are found in the "Parameters (Component)" block which looks like this:

EasyTable Component Parameters

EasyTable System Preferences

System Preferences, found in the "Parameters (System)" block, let you specify a custom Page Title (that overrides the table Title) and control whether or not the Title is displayed on the page.




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