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EasyTable for J!

EasyTable [ Editor Annotated ]EasyTable is a Joomla 1.5 component that allows you to import CSV files into Joomla as separate database tables.

Once imported the table can be configured to display some or all fields in either the list or detail views or both.

EasyTable for J! supports text fields, URL and image file names for each column of the imported table, to give you a better idea have a look at this screenshot of the EasyTable editing screen with helpful annotations.

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EasyTable Editor Explained (Part 1) AKA Getting Started

EasyTable [ Create New Table ]Each table created in the EasyTable component can be configured to show/hide fields in either the list or detail views. The table editor lets you treat fields as either text, URL's, names of images or links to records detail views.

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EasyTable Editor (Part 2) - Alias' & CSS & Type

EasyTable_Editor_Alias_And_Types_FPIn the Editor each component has a use otherwise it wouldn't be there. After all we've all got things to do. When a table is first created each column is given an Alias. The Alias is used in lot of ways as CSS labels and MySQL table column names.

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EasyTable Editor (Part 3) - Linked Table Settings

EasyTable Linked Table OverviewThe EasyTable Editor allows you to link a published table to the current table. It achieves this by comparing the contents of the Key Field to the content of the Linked Key Field in the sub-table chosen in the "Select Table" menu.

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EasyTable Editor (Part 4) - Preferences

Like all good Joomla! components EasyTable let you specific a set of preferences. Starting with component level preferences, menu level preferences and then content level, with each level overriding the previous in true Joomla fashion.

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Displaying your EasyTable

So you've created your first table now how do you show it to the world, well your web sites users anyway.

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