Modifying Table Structures


Modify Structure IconEasyTable Pro allows you to edit the structure of your tables. The toolbar of the Table Editor screen in EasyTable Pro has an addition icon (shown to the left) that allows you to reveal the structure editing controls.

EasyTable Editor - Annotated Modify Structure

Once you've clicked the Modify Structure button, the EasyTable Editor will do several things. First up it will show a Delete button publish_x for each field in the table and at the bottom of the field list a new row will appear with  "+ New Field" button.

You can safely delete or add fields without affecting your actual table until you click the "Save" or "Apply" buttons.

If you want to discard your changes simply "Close" the table without saving or applying them.

01When modifying the structure EasyTable Pro prevents you from uploading new records by disabling the controls. (That is, until you've saved / applied or closed out of the table you're changing.) We've added a post-it note warning & disabled the upload elements that stay until you save/apply or close the table.

02Sometimes you need to delete a field as your table changes, in modify mode you will see this button publish_x, click it to delete the field. (Don't worry we check with you first and remember the changes don't take effect until you click the Save/Apply buttons.)  

03Do you want to add a field to a table? In modify mode you can scroll to the bottom of the table editor and click the green "+ New Field" button. After clicking the button a new empty row will be created - at a very minimum you must name the field, but you can also apply all of the normal options as well. The empty record looks like this image below:

Empty New Field Row
Empty New Field Row

With a new field row you will notice several important differences. First until you actually apply/save your table all new rows will have a green background and their ID will be prefixed with _nf_ followed by a number. Once you save/apply changes to the table the green background will disappear and the temporary ID will be replaced with a standard numeric ID.

04Finally did we mention that useful tooltips have been added to all of the key interface elements to help you create and manage your tables.



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