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Displaying your EasyTable


So you've created your first table now how do you show it to the world, well your web sites users anyway.


Like a lot of Joomla! components the content is displayed by a direct menu link. So the first thing to do after creating and publishing your EasyTable is to create a menu that links to your table. The easiest way to do this in Joomla! 2.5+ is to create the menu item directly in the menu you want it to appear, so from the Menus menu select the desired menu and then select Add New Menu Item, like so:

Joomla 2.5 Add a Menu

Menu Types

As with all menu items in Joomla! you must select a menu type, in fact it's the first option in the Details section of the new menu item.

Joomla! 2.5 Menu Item Type

Clicking the Select button will show you all of the menu item types available in your installation of Joomla! — as the choices are ordered based on what is installed the exact postion of the EasyTable Pro! menu items may vary, in the image shown below we have selected just the EasyTable Pro! menu types. If you have several extensions that add additional menu item types then you may need to scroll the menu item listing to reveal the one you're after.

Joomla 2.5 EasyTable Pro Menu type

As you can see, from the screen shot above, there are several options available for EasyTable Pro!

    1.  Tables — List Layout (follow the link to read more)
      • The Tables List Layout allows you to display a list of Published tables that are available on your website and provides options to sort, restrict by access and enable pagination for large lists of tables.
    2. Records Layouts — EasyTable Pro! includes three layouts for displaying a table and it records, the Default template, the Ranked template and the Search Results Only template.
      1.  Default template — this layout provides a standard table view.
      2.  Ranked template — this layout will calculate and display a "ranking" for each record based on the value of a table field specified by you, e.g. NBA Player Points or your local football divisions ranking or a set of comparible products.
      3.  Search Results Only — this layout will only display records that match the search criteria, if NO search term is provided then a message prompting the user to enter some search terms is provided in place of the records. This layout also lets you define an initial search criteria (unlike filtering an initial search criteria can be cleared by the end user).


If you want to display a table you will need to read more about either the standard Default layout, the Ranked layout or the Search Results Only layout template.



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