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EasyTable Pro 1.2.3


EasyTable Pro! 1.2.0EasyTable Pro! 1.2.3 is out and includes a new AJAX based layout using the DataTables JQuery plugin and a new Advanced Filters option, along with several bug fixes and a general code clean-up.

The majority of the code clean-up is in preparation for the 1.3.0 release which will be the first version to support the Joomla 3.3+ line.

The current release is version 1.2.3.

New Features

DataTables AJAJ Layout

DataTables is a popular and well established JQuery Plugin that allows for the dynamic updating of the data displayed in a table through the use of AJAX calls (i.e. only the data required is retreived from the server not the entire web page).

DataTables Search

For smaller tables the DataTables layout allows you to load the entire table into the browser page and get the benefits of dynamic sorting and searching (see our venerable US Presidents demo). The image above shows the US Presidents table adjusting dynamically to letters being typed into the search field.


As tables get larger the DataTables layout progressively moves the work to the server, and for largest of tables with tens of thousands of records the DataTables layout will  retreive records from the server and update the table without the long refresh normally associated with a page reload (see the demonstration using the USDA Plants table with more than 90,000 records).

Advanced Filters

A regular request is for more advanced filters and the ability to use them at different levels (i.e. at the table and/or the menu level). EasyTable Pro! 1.2.0 now includes additional filtering capabilities through the new "Advanced Filter" option which can be set on the table itself or on the menu item linking to the table.

Amongst the new features of the advanced filter are

  • the ability to have multiple fields filtered
  • new comparison operators including
    • == (equal)
    • != (not equal)
    • < (less than)
    • > (greater than) and
    • LIKE (for finding partial strings e.g. President LIKE John will find "Lyndon B. Johnson" and "John F. Kennedy")
  • special comaparison values, including

Of course you can still do a comparison against standard text as well. You can see examples of the Advanced Filters working on our Joomla 2.5 Demo site. Including the Time Labels table shown in the image below.

CURTIME() Advanced Filter


Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for EasyTable Pro! 1.2 have increased slightly. The requirements are:

PHP 5.3.8
(5.3.15+ recommended)
MySQL 5.1.62+



32Mb (for small tables)

New Features in 1.1.0

You can read about the features added to EasyTable Pro! 1.1 here.


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