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Enjoy those Easter eggs! (Which have nothing to do with the original Christian mythology, but rather derive their roots in the Pagan religions that preceded it for thousands of years or even the Zoroastrians.)Did you know that in moderation chocolate is very good for you? Did you also know that most Easter eggs have very little actual cocoa (the real chocolate) in them, in fact they mostly sugar in various forms - which isn't that good for you.We'll be closed from Monday, 14th April to Monday, 21st April 2014. Clients with Priority Support contracts will not be affected. Ad-hoc Support clients can still lodge tickets but they won't be processed until we return to the office on Tuesday, 22nd April 2014.


EasyStaging-Promo-Icon-200EasyStaging is a simple component that allows you to develop your website in safe "staging" area away from public access and then copy it out to your "live" website.

EasyStaging is not recommended for beginners, newbies, amatuers or anyone who is not 100% sure of what it does. Use this product at your own risk.

Stable 1.1.2

Released on:
Friday, 06 September 2013 22:06
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EasyStaging is a simple component that allows you to prepare content on a "staging" version of your website and when you're ready push it out to the live website.

Release notes

EasyStaging 1.1.2 provides a fix for users that may have upgraded from a pre-Stable 1.0.0 or a Beta of 1.1.0 and are receiving the error message "Couldn't store steps for this run." when trying to run a Plan.

EasyStaging 1.1.1 brings a range of additions and changes to 1.1.0, to help users determine why it doesn't run on your cheap hosted server that is badly configured. (By the way this is a bad idea, EasyStaging is only meant to be run on private development servers that are secure from public access, we guarentee you that using publically accessible servers will bring you greif.) You can read more about the changes in the download item Release Notes or the EasyStaging Changelog.

Previous 1.1.0 Notes

EasyStaging 1.1.0 brings a large number of changes, specifically features from the Pro! version used for our managed clients.

N.B. Changes the way file copying is specified and works. After installing 1.1.0 you must update your Local and Remote site details, so that the "site root" is set NOT the path to the directory you want to synchronise.

Key Changes:

  1. Plan Steps — Plans are now converted to Plan Steps
    1. Steps are executed in the background on the server
    2. Plan execution is significantly faster
    3. File synchronisation updates are now progressive
  2. File Copy Actions (FCA) — replace the old per Plan directory synchronisation.
    1. a new "File Copy Actions (Rsyncs)" tab has been added for FCA's
    2. multiple FCA's can be created for each Plan
    3. copying is supported in both directions (i.e. to and from the live server)
    4. moving is now supported from the live server.
  3. Table Actions
    1. now include "Pull" actions from the Pro! version of EasyStaging.
    2. handle tables with Foreign Key constraints much better.
  4. UI Improvements
    1. The "Tables" table can now be filtered by action or table name.
    2. A "Helpful Notes" panel has been added to the Plan Editor view to provide helpful notes. Smile
    3. Clicking on the Plan Run's transaction log in the "Status" tab now selects the log so you can copy it easily (useful for checking for issues).

REMEMBER: EasyStaging is not recommended for beginners, newbies, amatuers or anyone who is not 100% sure of what it does. Use this product at your own risk.

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