Support Subscriptions

How can I pay?

Due to fraud issues and the nature of open source software at this point in time we only accept payment via PayPal. PayPal do accept most credit cards.

If you can't use PayPal then I'm sorry we can't help at this time.


If I’m not satisfied with my purchase, can I get a refund?

We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase, so we do our best to offer the best possible products. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, please contact us so we can make things right. As our products are licensed as Open Source we do not offer refunds.

All of our subscription includes the delivery of virtual products and as such we cannot provide a refund once payment has been made. Please be aware that PayPal does not support users seeking refunds for virtual goods.

How do I download my software?

Immediately After Purchase

When you take out a support subscription for one of Joomla software products you will be returned to a confirmation page on our website and see a message similar to the one shown below. That screen shows you a link to the download area for the product you just purchased a subscription too.

Subscription Thankyou Message with Download Link

Downloading Updates

To download software made available under our subscription plans (e.g. EasyTable Pro, VirtueMart CommWeb Payment Plug-in, etc.) you must first login.

Subscriber Login Button

To login click on the "Subscriber Login" button on the top right of the See People Software website (if you don't see a button by that name but you do see one saying "Logout YourName" then you are already logged in).

Once you're logged in you will notice two differences:

  1. There is now a "My Stuff" menu available which lists your currently active subscriptions.
  2. The "Downloads" menu now lists addtional download areas that you have active subscriptions for.

Using either of those menus click on the menu item for the download you want access to, then click on the "View Releases in this Category" button to see the files available.

Downloads Menu When logged in the Downloads menu will change to show additional downloads based on your currently active subscriptions. If a subscription has expired the product will not be shown.

In the image to the left the Downloads menu has several subscription only products added to it.


My Stuff Menu multiple subscriptions. When logged in the My Stuff menu will change to show downloads based on your currently active subscriptions. If a subscription has expired the product will not be shown.

In the image to the left the My Stuff menu has several subscription only products added to it.


If you don't see the items you expect click on the "My Stuff" menu to see a listing of your currently active subscriptions. If you believe there is an error please contact us to get it rectified.

Subscription Policy

See People Software "support subscriptions" are valid for periods of 1 month (31 days) or 3 months (92 days) starting on the purchase date.

A "support subscription" provides access to our Private support forums and to the download area for the software in question.

Subscriber Downloads Area

Our download area provides access to our free and subscriber software. Current Subscribers have

  • unrestricted access to "the software" specified in the subscription
  • unrestricted access to any extras created for "the software"
  • unrestricted access to any new versions released, including major upgrades of the software
  • unrestricted access to any pre-release versions
  • active forum support for the duration of their subscription.

Our download area is available to all current subscribers 24 hours a day. Some other things you should be aware of when taking out a subscription:


A renewal gives you the option to extend your subscription for an additional period. The renewal fees are based on the software in question and the duration of the subscription. You are not required to renew your subscription and the software will continue to function once your subscription has expired. You can renew your subscription at any time to get access to the latest versions.

From time-to-time we will provide discounted renewals for users who's subscriptions are expiring. To ensure you receive any renewal discounts please make sure

  1. you renew 10 or more days before your subscription expires
  2. you login prior to filling out the Subscription form


The code is made available to you pursuant to GNU General Public License. Without limiting your rights under the GPL, the component and related documentation are subject to the terms and conditions of this end-user license agreement.

The code is not encrypted or obsficated in any way.

The code is not time or location limited in any way.


It's GPL'd so you can make any modification(s) to our products to fit your purposes without prior written consent from us. If the code is changed by you or a third party we can support the modified component on a fee for service basis.

Installation Included Subscriptions

Some subscriptions include initial installation on a single website and confiugration of the software in question.

Our aim is to make you happy with the software and services from us. If we encounter issues during installation (e.g. conflicts with other software) we will rectify the problem if it is occurring in our software. If the problem is the result of a third party extension/software - where we can identify the issue, we will notify you and the developer of the conflicting software with the aim of working with them to resolve the issue.

Of course, we cannot say what the developer of the other party may do or not do.

If the for any reason we can't work with or contact the other developer we may at our discretion offer to fix the third party software on your site free of charge if it's minor or for a minimal charge if the work is significant. We will supply the patch to the products developer regardless of their involvement.

Of course, applying a fix/patch to your installation may prevent you from updating to new versions of the third party software if they don't fix the issue themselves or apply our supplied patch.

Finally, in the event that we can't get the product working satisfactorily due to conflicts with third party software, we may decide to refund the subscription in part or fully. Any refunds will be solely at our discretion in these cases.


We have no influence on the development of Joomla! or it's related products. Our software is designed to run on the official version current at the time of sale, but we can give no guarantee that the product will run with future versions of Joomla!

When major changes occur to the Joomla platform that break our software we will make decisions about updating them based on their commercial viability — ie. if a peice of software can be updated for a viable cost we will probably do it.


For the purposes of this policy "shipping" means the electronic delivery of virtual, non-tangible software created by us.

After your payment is cleared you will be able to login and download a copy of the current version of the software from the Downloads area. (Once you're logged in new items will appear in the Downloads menu and the Downloads screen showing you the software associated with your subscription.)

Once payment has been received your account will be given access to Support Subscribers form which includes a thread to download the current version of the product. If you are unable to login and access the Support Subscribers area then contact us and we will investigate the matter for you.

NB: If you subscribe while our office is closed your account may not be activated in the Support Subscribers forum until normal business hours. We manually activate forum accounts to prevent our users from being exposed to large amounts of spam.

Refund policy

As our software is a non-tangible irrevocable item licensed under Open Source terms we do not issue refunds after the product is shipped, there are no exceptions. Please be aware that this applies to all tranactions. PayPal does not provide refunds for virtual goods or services. 

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so we do our best that we can. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us so we can make things right.

We reserve the right to change or modify the Subscription Policy with as required and without notice, although where possible we will inform anyone subscribed to our mailing list.

What do I get in a Support Subscription?


A support subscription gives you access to the private Subscriber Forum for that specific product. Subscriber Forums are actively monitored and responed to by CPPL during business hours. The CPPL business hours are Monday-Friday 0800-1800 AEST.

Subscription Plans

At this point there are two subscription categories with several plans available in each:

  1. EasyTable Pro!
    1. Support Subscription 1 Month
    2. Support Subscription 3 Months
  2. EasyNAB Transact Direct Post for Akeeba Subscriptions
    1. Support Subscription 1 Month
    2. Support Subscription 3 Months

As the name of each plan indicates the subscription is valid for one or three months (to be precise 31 and 92 days respectively).

What do I get?

Once you sign up for the support subscription you will receive:

  • access to the Private Subscribers Forum for the duration of your subscription
  • access to the Downloads area for the current version of the software you registered for.
  • early access to new versions of the software.


The Subscriber Forum provides:

  • installation and configuration support for issues related to our software.
  • bug resolution.


Our Joomla! Extensions:

  • are GPL'd - so you can change them as you see fit
  • can be used on any of your websites
  • will continue to work even after you subscription expires.
  • can be download at anytime while your subscription is active.

What's not included?

The Support Subscription does not provide:

  • Joomla training
    • (if you're installing our extensions you really should know how to use Joomla already)
  • Host Issues support
    • The best people to talk to about issues with your hosting are your hosts.
  • On-server support
    • On-server support is not available.

My Subscription Has Expired!

Once your subscription expires you will no longer have access to:

  • the Subscribers Support forum (but you will still have access to the Community forums — community forums are not actively monitored by our staff).
  • the softwares download repository

EasyTable Pro is not affected in anyway by your subscription expiration and will continue to work.

If a newer version is available that you want, you will have to renew your subscription to gain access to the software's download repository.

How do I cancel a subscription?

We don't use recurring subscriptions, however if you have set up a recurring payment through PayPal you can refer to this PayPal Help article called "How do I cancel a subscription?" at this url:

Where can I check my account status and payment details?

When you login to the See People Software website a "My Stuff" menu appears in the Main Menu, click on this will show you your subscriptions.

From that page you can:

  1. See each subscription you have and when they expire.
  2. Upgrade/Renew your Support Subscription.
  3. Review the transaction details for each subscription.


Additionally once you're logged in many pages will show a "User Menu" in the right sidebar as well as a list of your current subscriptions and their expirey dates.

If additional information is required please contact us directly.

You need to login to access the forums.

Member Login

You need to Login to access your Subscription details or the Forums.