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No place for Name on Credit Card?

In AkeebaSubscription when the user elects to Pay by NAB, you are taken to a Payment page, which looks like this:

EasyNab for AkSubs Payment Screen

You will notice that their isn't a field for the "Name on Credit Card", there are several reasons for this, firstly the NAB Transact Direct API, doesn't use it, also as mentioned, the "Name on Card" isn't used for validation.

With the optional "Risk Management" setting that NAB offers a name could be used but the current version of the plug-in doesn't support that option. If you/your client are using "Risk Management" we'd be happy to work with them to add support for it.

If you look at the other AkeebaSubs Payment types the name is only ever gathered on the Subscription page, the plugin for Moneris cards (which works in a similar way to NAB) doesn't collect a name either. For those payment gateways that require a name, the name is passed to the payment plugin from the AkeebaSubs subscription sign-up page, we could display that name in a non-editable way but that might confuse users that want to sign-up with one name and use a Credit Card with another name.

In re-direct situations, like PayPal et al, even then the form details are hidden from the user and only a "Click Here if not automatically redirected" button is displayed.

So, that leads us to adding a name field to the payment form, it can be done but what would we do with it? If the plug-in sends it to NAB without the "Risk Management" option they will reflect it back at AkeebaSubs in the reply but AkeebaSubs doesn't store it anywhere so it's lost anyway. (In fact NAB may ask you why you're have Credit Card details sent back to your server.) This is in part the way Akeeba is designed and also a reflection of the PCI Standards which all online merchant accounts in Australia (and I believe nearly everywhere else) must adhere to.

EasyNAB no "Payer Name" or "Payer Email" in NAB Screens

EasyNAB plugins use the NAB Transact Direct API to process credit card payment through your online merchant facility.

When a transaction has been processed you can login to your Merchant Facility and inspect the transaction, in doing this you will be presented with a screen similar to the one shown below (click to enlarge).

This image has been altered to remove any identifying data otherwise it is how NAB Transact's "Transaction Details" screen look in December 2013.

Transact transaction screen


You will notice that the Payer Details section (top right corner box) shows nothing recorded for Payer Name and Payer Email.

This is becuase there isn't a field for "Payee Name" in the NAB Transact Direct v2 API, so theres no way for the plugin to pass a name to the NAB.

There is one for an email address but that is only enabled by the "Risk Management" option, specifically the only email address field mentioned is EPS_EMAILADDRESS. As mentioned in the EasyNAB Plug-in's pages the current version of the Plugin doesn't support the Risk Management option as we've never had a client with that option to test against.

If you have paid for the additional Risk Management option to be added to your Merchant Account with NAB and would like the Risk Management and Payee Name added to the plugin please get in contact with us to discuss it.


Labels you can override in EasyNAB for AkSubs

You're probably aware of the Joomla language facility that allows you to override default labels and other blocks of text. Navigate to Extensions: Language Manager: Language Overrides, and you will see a view similar to this in Joomla 2.5.x (You can read more using the "Help" button in the top right, or click here.)

J25 Language Manger Overrides


Using the Language Manager: Language Overrides screen you can change any of the language string on the plug-ins payment form. From the list of default values below simply select the key that want to change the value of and create a new override for it using the Language Manager.

Language Key Default Text
PLG_CPPL_AKP_NABTDP_FORM_CC Credit card number
PLG_CPPL_AKP_NABTDP_FORM_CVV Card Verification Value (CVV2)
PLG_CPPL_AKP_NABTDP_FORM_HEADER Please enter your payment details

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