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EasyTable Pro! version 1.4.8 is a Joomla! 3.4.3+ and 2.5.28 compatible extension.

This is the stable release of EasyTable Pro! 1.4.0 which introduces "Automatic Uploads" and adds international features to the DATE column/field type, support for Label overrides in AJAX tables and more notifications for empty search results and misconfigured options.

For completeness a list of changes, additions and fixes applied since the EasyTable Pro! v1.0.0 release are detailed below.




1.4.8 Fixes

  • Fixed Joomla Javascript language files not being loaded for minimised Javascript files.

This is one of the last releases in the 1.4 line, Joomla 2.5 compatibility is not guarenteed in the upcoming 1.5 version of EasyTable Pro

1.4.7 Fixes

  • Restored access control to a records detail view.

1.4.6 Fixes

  • Restored missing 'access' setting.
  • Removed redundant (& confusing Table Stats tab)

1.4.5 Fixes

  • Removed a redundant call for a MooTools request object
  • Fixed the version check layout for Joomla 3.x

1.4.4 Changes

  • adds support to the router for direct component URL sometimes generated in Joomla.
    i.e. urls of the form: /component/easytablepro/tablename/99

1.4.3 Changes

  • Add support for Label overrides in DataTables (AJAX tables)
    • Add Language Keys for DataTables strings
    • Add language strings to DataTable options
  • Add warning for users that enabled a linked table but don't configure it.

1.4.3 Fixes

  • Fix incorrect sprintf syntax.
  • Fix route to detail views for some AJAX tables.

1.4.1 Changes

  • Add fallback to URL filter_search values for Ajax sourced tables.

1.4.1 Fixes

  • Fix searchable attribute not being honored.

1.4.0 Fixes

  • Fix bug where "New Record" button edits first ticked record.
  • Fix detection of new record state in Edit Record Toolbar setup.
  • Fix embedded images in table description of Records view.
  • Fix legend/title for record edit view with new records.
  • Fix no-records found error due to J3 returning 'false' rather than 'null' or an empty array.
  • Fix table count in Upload msg after append
  • Fix table duplication and clean up process.
  • Fix undefined variable in preflight of install script.
  • Fix UserFilter (regression to old "id:field_name" in select value).

1.4.0 Additions

  • Add a sanity check for the datatable being deleted.
  • Add Date internationalisation via JDate
  • Add icon to record editing view.
  • Add message when search returns no matching tables
  • Add missing language keys
  • Add support for CRON/CLI record imports for tables.

1.4.0 Changes

  • Changed install script to move 'cli' file into place.
  • Improve messages for User filtered tables.
  • Move file upload handing to model.
  • Set "hits" to zero 0 for newly duplicated tables.
  • Sort Language file.

1.4.0 Fixes

  • Fix bug where "New Record" button edits first ticked record.
  • Fix detection of new record state in Edit Record Toolbar setup.
  • Fix embedded images in table description of Records view.
  • Fix legend/title for record edit view with new records.
  • Fix no-records found error due to J3 returning 'false' rather than 'null' or an empty array.
  • Fix table count in Upload msg after append
  • Fix table duplication and clean up process.
  • Fix undefined variable in preflight of install script.
  • Fix UserFilter (regression to old "id:field_name" in select value).

1.3.2 Changes

  • Improve messages for User filtered tables.

1.3.2 Fixes

  • Fix no-records found error due to J3 returning 'false' rather than 'null' or an empty array.
  • Fix UserFilter (regression to old "id:field_name" in select value).

 1.3.1 Changes

  • Set "hits" to zero 0 for newly duplicated tables.

 1.3.1 Fixes

  • Fix table duplication and clean up process.
  • Fix table count in Upload msg after append

 1.3.0 Additions

  • Add empty 'metadata.xml' files to front-end views work around a bug in the Joomla Menu Manager Menu Items view not showing the view name correctly.

 1.3.0 Changes

  • Change to EasyTable view names for more consistent presentation in the Menu Type selector display.

 1.3.0b3 and 1.3.0b4

The releases fixed issues with the packaging of EasyTable Pro! from our new build system. Sorry about that!

 1.3.0b2 Additions

  • Add Duplicate Table function to EasyTable Pro! Manager.
  • Add J3 support to fields via JFormHelper
  • Add Joomla 3 record editing tmpl.
  • Add Joomla 3 specific "Link table" views.
  • Add Joomla 3 tmpl files to "Records" view.
  • Add pagination helpers for views.
  • Add support for display of resources using relative URLs in table description fields in backend.
  • Add support for version specific views to "Records" view.
  • Add version specific tmpl support to "Record" view.

1.3.0b2 Changes

  • Implement Joomla 3.x specific "Upload file" views.
  • Refactor paginationHTML() to allow for differences in Joomla 3 top and footer pagination elements.
  • Remove deprecated JRequest calls.
  • Remove hard coded limit on small table size for AJAX tmpl loading.
  • Remove legacy workaround for PHP 5.2 since we don't support it anymore.
  • Remove unnecessary interim variable.
  • Remove unneeded addIncludePath() calls for 'Record' tables and models.
  • Replace deprecated JDatabaseDriver->query() calls with the new hotness ->execute()
  • Replace deprecated JError messages with enqueueMessage()
  • Sort language keys.
  • Speed up pre-sorted tables by only calculating a ranking for 'ranked' layouts.
  • Standardise variable name for Joomla App references.
  • Update Delete Record and Edit Record buttons to J3 font-icon from JUI
  • Update JModel references to JModelLegacy for Joomla 3.
  • Update Tables view to support J3 pagination.
  • PHPCS cleanup.

1.3.0b2 Fixes

  • Fix missing pagination limit control.
  • Fix javascript error in Toggle All buttons on Joomla 3.
  • Fix jQuery loading issues for Joomla 3 and the AJAX layouts.
  • Fix JSHint issues.
  • Fix pagination elements for Joomla 3.
  • Fix pagination items in Ranked view for Joomla 3.
  • Fix pagination not displaying when 'show_pagination_header' is off.
  • Fix records view for Joomla 3 pagination elements.
  • Fix silent error in "Save as Copy" for records.
  • Fix strict error for $leaf values that are invalid property names.

 1.3.0b1 Additions

  • Add a view 'title' for J3 standardpop button.
  • Add J3 'hasTooltip' class to interface widgets.
  • Add J3 table sorting elements.
  • Add Joomla 3 Table editing views.
  • Add List limit box to J3 view.
  • Add support for J3 Bootstrap to Tooltips strings.
  • Add 'id' to standardpop elements.
  • Add 'min'imised versions of CSS & JS files.
  • Add a function to ensure Advanced Filters of type PHP return a valid comparison value type.
  • Add clarifying comments about the *now* older input field names.
  • Add clarifying comments.
  • Add filters to sidebar and restore search field.
  • Add missing search description.
  • Add odd/even number detection to aTools.js
  • Add preference to turn of "Autowidth" for AJAX table layouts.
  • Add support for jQuery in place of MooTools.
  • Add support to minimised JS and CSS files to views.
  • Add version specific tmpl files for Upload view.
  • Add version specific view tmpl support.

1.3.0b1 Changes

  • Change Upload Btn to work with J3
  • Fix Alias Lock, feature toggles btns and "Modify Structure" feature for J3.
  • Fix Table Editor buttons for J3
  • Move list pagination footer to J3 standard location after
  • Split Tables view tmpl file into J2 and J3 versions.
  • Adjust Joomla version check to allow install on 3.x series.
  • Change "Add Table" and "Link Table" buttons to use our new 'Standardpop' toolbar button type.
  • Change component menu item to be consistent with installer etc.
  • Change general helper calls to use new class name.
  • Change language file to be sorted correctly.
  • Change language key names to be consistent with sprintf usage.
  • Change ManagerHelper to include GeneralHelper.
  • Change strings to language key value pairs.
  • Change to let JModelList handle all pagination for tables view.
  • Change Upload controller error message to language key/value pairs.
  • Change Upload Icon to the same size as Edit Icon.
  • Change version check to use JVTag for consistency.
  • Change version meta to tokens for replacement by phing during build process.
  • Check user has 'core.admin' before adding Preferences button to Toolbar.
  • Define initial CSS for EasyTablePro font icon.
  • Improve layout of table options by function, break out filters into it's own group.
  • Improve linked field by converting to <select> of field names in target table.
  • Make jtag available to the whole view.
  • Mark old `sorttable` script as deprecated for removal in 1.5/2.0 which ever comes first.
  • Move < form>< /form>start into version specific sub template.
  • Move helper functions to ET_ManagerHelper.
  • Move helper functions to ET_RecordsHelper
  • Move helper functions to new ET_RecordHelper class.
  • Move helper functions to separate ET_TableHelper class.
  • Move Joomla version tag calculation to helper function because you know we're going to need it again.
  • Move/consolidate in ET_ManagerHelper.
  • Rationalise getting toolbar.
  • Simplify entry point file.
  • Update Controllers to "Legacy" naming.
  • Update copyright details.
  • Update Edit and Upload buttons for disabled cases.
  • Update key for 'Upload File' title and tip
  • Update Version string to reflect more accurately to reflect "current" nature.
  • Whitespace changes.
  • Rename general helper class for clarity.
  • Rename Table view tmpl's to use our versioning J2 tag.
  • Replace Create Date with a token for phing to replace.
  • Replace deprecated $db->nameQuote() with current 'quoteName()' version.
  • Replace version in installer description with a token for phing to replace.
  • Restore column ordering and add sorting by Table ID.
  • Restore version details.
  • Revert "Add preference to turn of "Autowidth" for AJAX table layouts."

1.3.0b1 Fixes

  • Clean unneeded imports/requires, temporary variables and else's.
  • Clean up base controller.
  • Clean up empty @var comments.
  • Clean up entry point file and root controller. Remove useless or unused methods.
  • Clean up JInput's to use 'int' and 'string' filters where appropriate.
  • Clean up view controllers (unused variables, remove unneeded imports, requires)
  • Create a JToolbarButton class to provide standard button looks for a popup button.
  • Fix 'strict' warning for function definition on _getAssetParentId()
  • Fix blank upload view due to missing )
  • Fix brokenmissing a closingfor alias of linked tables.
  • Fix context property for Joomla's caching.
  • Fix CSS headers.
  • Fix deprecated JDatabase log messages.
  • Fix deprecated warning in table model.
  • Fix dynamic assignment warnings.
  • Fix invalid calls to jQuery using $.
  • Fix JSHint issues.
  • Fix JSLint issues.
  • Fix language keys that start with C0M i.e. C Zero M
  • Fix misleading language keys in Table 'delete()'
  • Fix missing _JEXEC
  • Fix missing language strings for Auto Width preference and Adv. Filter PHP Result Type error.
  • Fix missing variable warning for $id
  • Fix page advance by setting a default list order and direction.
  • Fix path for AJAX call when Joomla is not in the root directory.
  • Fix PHPCS issues, dead code and inaccurate comments.
  • Fix query to only show keys marked as PRIMARY.
  • Fix scope of sub functions. Remove duplicated methods not being used.
  • Fix sort field labels for sort menu.
  • Fix standard button error.
  • Fix strict methods signature for 3.x (now causes strict error on 2.5)
  • Fix toggle buttons on new fields.
  • Fix typo in variable of error msg in updateMeta()
  • Fix undefined variable for record count (now handled in Table model).
  • Fix upload screen's Joomla.submitButton() check.

1.3.0b1 Removed

  • Remove dead or unnecessary code blocks.
  • Remove deprecated 'nameQuote()' call.
  • Remove deprecated JError calls.
  • Remove deprecated JRequest calls.
  • Remove JRequest() call.
  • Remove old JImport calls.
  • Remove old JObject style assignRef calls.
  • Remove unused helper method.
  • Remove useless override.
  • Removed unnecessary MetaTable table files.

 1.2.3 Additions

  • Add preference to turn of "Autowidth" for AJAX table layouts.

1.2.3 Fixes

  • Fix invalid calls to jQuery using $.
  • Fix missing language strings for Auto Width preference and Adv. Filter PHP Result Type error.
  • Fix path for AJAX call when Joomla is not in the root directory.

 1.2.0 Additions

  • Add "Advanced Filter" option to view params.
  • Add "Mandatory Table Filter" option to allow enforcement of table based filters before menu based filters.
  • Add a filter to prevent linking to external tables that don't have a primary key.
  • Add CDN loading for DataTables JS & CSS.
  • Add control to stop old SortableTables() from being loaded if we're AJAXing.
  • Add DataTable detection & sort plugins for formatted numbers.
  • Add DataTable plugins for numbers wrapped in HTML and Currency detection.
  • Add DataTable specific preferences.
  • Add DataTables default images for sorting and pagination.
  • Add Datatables layout for small tables (< 5000 records)
  • Add preference values to determine table "size".
  • Add support for custom CSS file defined in Global preferences.
  • Add support for DataTables server-side sorting.
  • Add option to load the default CSS DataTables file or an override.
  • Add Global Preference to enable AJAX view.
  • Add current major stable versions of JQuery UI
  • Add JQuery and DataTables JS files.
  • Add version selection preferences for JQuery and JQueryUI libraries.
  • Add preference to control loading of JQuery & JQueryUI
  • Add Joomla version check to preflight() of install script.
  • Add notifyAdminsOnError() to general helper.
  • Add Table level filters.

1.2.0 Fixes

  • Fix 'Undefined $Sortable' warning.
  • Fix checking of SortableTable when not defined.
  • Fix error from trying to access undefined attribute $this->params when menu item has no table.
  • Fix search, limit box, pagination, state storage for larger tables (i.e. server side processing).
  • Fix SQL error when sort field is set correctly.
  • Fix undefined function error
  • Fix Yes/No form field options (i.e. replace the literals with JText keys JYES & JNO)

1.2.0 Code Clean Up

  • Change location of filter methods to RecordsHelper where they belong.
  • Dry the adding of the UserFilter.
  • Drying change to ET_Helper::addFilter()
  • Fix JSLint issues.
  • Make menu items consistent.
  • Refactor adding table filters into a Helper.
  • Refactor so all param levels (component, table and menu) are available as well as the merged version.
  • Remove `defer` setting from addScript call to avoid issues with JS not being loaded.
  • Remove old Joomla style ->assign()'s.
  • Remove Option to load datatables.
  • Remove unused `require_once`
  • Rename layouts to reflect DataTables.
  • Rename tmpl file to better reflect contents.
  • Change string literal 'Use Global' to JText token JGLOBAL_USE_GLOBAL
  • Restore handling of multiple search values when building filters.

 1.1.7 Changes

  • Added caching to EasyTable meta table requests.

1.1.7 Fixes

  • Fix table hit counter.

 1.1.6 Additions

  • Improved creation of column labels for UTF8 CSV files.

1.1.6 Changes

  • Change RecordController to JControllerForm to resolve ongoing issues with AkeebaAdminTools system plugin..

1.1.6 Fixes

  • Fix UTF8 CSV files that have column headings that can't be converted to safe entities for MySQL columns and HTML entities.
  • Fix broken list buttons in Edit Records view.

 1.1.5 Additions

  • Add a "Search Only" view — no records are show without the user supplying search terms.
  • Added option to show/hide table headings in the Default & "Search Only" views when a search term has no matches.
  • Added a user configureable "No Results" message to the "Default" and "Search Only" records views.

1.1.5 Changes

  • Change - reformatted view options to group related features.
  • Change table contexts to include the specific view to allow separate view options and search terms per view.

1.1.5 Fixes

  • Fix bugs in pagination, default search term and changing terms for SRO view.
  • Fix reversion of the EasyTableProTableTable which prevented the alias from being saved if it had been accidentally deleted.

 1.1.4 Fixes

  • Fixes the problem with a table's search box returning to the website homepage if Joomla! SEF was not enable and certain third party plugins for SEF were enabled.

 1.1.3 Additions

  • Throw a 404 if the table requested is not found. e.g. from an old menu entry pointing to a deleted table.

1.1.3 Changes

  • Change `edit` link to a `href` to avoid issues with new version of Akeeba AdminTools
  • Changed default for $pk to match int nature of key.
  • Cleanup of router to make record detail links more consistent, especially for external tables.
  • Standardised Menu labels & descriptions for view.
  • Remove (int) cast on External Tables to better support external tables with non-int key's.
  • Moved a copy of the utility getTable() to the general helper file.
  • Replace getTable() in Records model with general helper version. DRYing.
  • Replace hardcoded string with text key.

1.1.3 Fixes

  • Fix missing language string for "Record not found".
  • First pass at applying Joomla Platform coding standards.
  • Fix bug in converting a field to a `DATE` type.
  • Fix buildRoute when no MenuItem provided or Active menu exists.
  • Fix front-end references to $pk so that it uses the tables actual $pk column name.
  • Fix JText key 'Rank' label and reordered key in file.
  • Fix strict error on non-object.

1.1.3 Preparation for 1.2 and Joomla! 3.x

  • Code clean-up per Joomla! Platform code sniffer.
  • Remove invalid `var` declaration.
  • Remove unused variables.
  • Removed unused object.
  • Replaced depreciated calls.
  • Applied more Joomla! Platform code sniffer standards.
  • Replace depreciated JRequest() calls with JInput
  • Replace JRegistry->loadArray() with loadString().
  • Standardised $jApp variable name.

 1.1.2 Additions

  • Add front-end search options by `id` ( e.g. id:44 ) and key-value pair ( e.g. president::bill )
  • Add missing blank index.html files.

1.1.2 Changes

  • Improvements to database queries to remove old style string SQL queries.

1.1.2 Fixes

  • Fix external linked tables that used unusual primary keys in tables.
  • Fix SQL problem where `id` field was assumed to exist in Joomla! tables.
  • Fixed search bug where an active menu item might not actually exist.
  • Fix upload type detection for append or replacement of data.

 1.1.1 Additions

  • Add 'hits' back, they are now visible again in the table editor.
  • Add caching to records request.
  • Added support for record leaf's from a linked table record displayed in a master table.

1.1.1 Changes

  • Improvements to 'leaf' and 'page title' handling.
  • Modify field alias creation and checking to prevent purely numeric alias from being created.
  • Updates to router to improve links to sub-table record views.

1.1.1 Fixes

  • Fix /media paths in JS for table manager view.
  • Fix CSS and JS paths for cases where the installation is in a sub-directory.
  • Fix link table bug when nothing is set in "Restricted Tables" setting.
  • Fix more paths, hard coded ones, to the /media/ directory so that they work in cases where Joomla! is installed in a sub-directory.
  • Fix retrieval of field/column alias/name given the use of the new combined 99:aliasname format.
  • Fix retrieval of sort and filter field names.
  • Fix situation with `ranked` view not working as expected when settings in table conflict with settings in menu item.

 1.1.0 Additions

  • Add a calculated `et-rank` column to sorted records views.
  • Add better support in router for directly linked from menu record views with next/prev record links enabled.
  • Add filtering to table manager view.
  • Add missing check of import success/failure.
  • Add missing string for Table not found errors.
  • Add sorting to table name and state in Tables view.
  • Add support for `Alternative Layouts` to the `records` view.

1.1.0 Changes

  • Change 'ranked' mechanism to be highest is first until we implement it fully in 1.2.0
  • Change language strings to reflect the 'ranked' naming.
  • Change to a view name that better reflects the 'ranked' function.
  • Layout change to version check & display.
  • Limit "State" filter to Published/Unpublished
  • Move updating of creation and modified dates to table.store() from bind()
  • Remove 'attention.gif' from version comparison.
  • Update Javascript message to include table name.

1.1.0 Fixes

  • Fix a route parsing error that would result in the `records` view rather than the `record` being loaded.
  • Fix an error when the `record` view was showing the first/last record and 'Show Next/Prev Links' was set to 'Yes'
  • Fix file uploads accept mime types.
  • Fix language string for "Open Table" button on upload_completed tmpl.
  • Fix missing created by entry.
  • Fix missing reference to $jAp on records view.
  • Fix path resolution in file cleanup section of install script's update()
  • Fix prev/next record route parsing for `record` view inside a `tables` list menu item.
  • Fix Rank calculation so that equal results in first rank not last. e.g. Equal 3rd both get 3 not 4 as a rank value.
  • Fix record editing view to deal with situations where the table has now list view columns specified.
  • Fix references to '.tab' rather than the correct '.tsv' suffix.
  • Fix search SQL to work when a table is filtered.
  • Fix the display of date modification.
  • Fix undefined variable on upload_completed tmpl.

 1.1.0ß4 Fixes

  • Fix search SQL to work when a table is filtered.
  • Add better support in router for directly linked from menu record views with next/prev record links enabled.
  • Added missing string for Table not found errors.
  • Fix prev/next record route parsing for `record` view inside a `tables` list menu item.
  • Fixed an error when the `record` view was showing the first/last record and 'Show Next/Prev Links' was set to 'Yes'
  • Fixed a display issue when no record title field is specified.
  • Fixed a route parsing error that would result in the `records` view rather than the `record` being loaded.
  • Fixed a URL error when a 'record' title field wasn't selected.


 1.1.0ß3 Additions

  • Removed conditional code around opening DIV's to ensure they always balance. 

 1.1.0ß2 Additions

  • Linked external tables are now implemented

1.1.0ß2 Changes

  • Table Manager is now sorted by Table Name
  • More messages use table names rather than table id's for clarity.

1.1.0ß2 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in records model to avoid rare situation where administrator changes default list length while a user is online.
  • Fixed path resolution to allow for installation in a Joomla! not in the websites root.
  • Fixed several language keys.



  • Initial public Joomla! 2.5 release

1.1.0ß1 Changes

  • Joomla! 2.5 support
  • Joomla! 2.5 ACL support

Aug. 2012: In line with the end of life for Joomla! 1.5, support for Joomla! 1.5 compatible versions is no longer available.

 1.0.0 Additions

  • Added 'strip_tags' to the table 'summary' (derived from table description)

1.0.0 Changes

  • Change table search fields to show the text as originally entered.
  • Change the retrieval of the number of records to the Joomla! way.

1.0.0 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented fields from being deleted at the same time as new fields were added.
  • Fixed last few references to Joomla! 1.0 legacy globals
  • Fixed several language keys.

 1.0.0FC2 Changes

  • Change retrieval of record ID to a more reliable mechanism in EasyTable Record view.
  • Change Language strings for clarity.

1.0.0FC2 Fixes

  • Fixed Javascript error on data upload pop-up.
  • Fixed issues in the final leaf elements of SEF URLs.
  • Fixed a bug when a table filter is selected but no filter value is specified.
  • Fixed checking for field options value on image fields.

 1.0.0FC1 Changes

  • Fixed duplicated ID elements on record view pages.
  • Fixed all XHTML errors identified by W3C Validator.

 1.0.0RC6 Changes

  • Fixed crash with page title backlinks on record view pages.
  • Changed column headings in table record list view to pop a tooltip with the fields description if present.

 1.0.0RC5 Changes

  • Change record view to append record link label to last node of breadcrumbs.

 1.0.0RC4 Fixes

  • Fixed saving of the new "Raw Data Entry" preference.

 1.0.0RC3 Fixes

  • Fixed joined sub-tables when the sub-table is a linked table.
  • Fixed processing of field options on sub-tables when a field is not shown in list view.

1.0.0RC3 Changes

  • Changed the wrapper on table descriptions from a <p> to a <div> to better support the change to large descriptions that support the Joomla! default editor.

 1.0.0RC2 Fixes

  • Fixed error for in SQL for joined sub-tables in record view.

 1.0.0RC1 Additions

  • Added paginaton and table name filtering to EasyTable Manager (for people with lots of tables)
  • Added filtering of data records to EasyTable Data Records view (for tables with lots of records).
  • Added access control to upload function in EasyTable Editor.
  • Added buttons to Flip, Turn On or Turn Off X all fields in List view, Detail view and Searching.
  • Added support of multiple table filtering values using the pipe character | as the separator.
  • Added Javascript to Upload screen to make sure a valid file was selected before uploading.

1.0.0RC1 Changes

  • Changed install script to update table descriptions to a full TEXT type (descriptions as long as you want)
  • Changed EasyTable Editor to use the default Joomla! editor for the new larger TEXT table description (also supports HTML).

1.0.0RC1 Fixes

  • Fixed unwanted checkout() of tables when opening Upload lightbox.
  • Fixed SQL errors in rare cases where column headings weren't properly escaped.
  • Fixed SQL errors when some column headings were blank on initial creation of table import.
  • Fixed table list checkbox problem in EasyTable Manager for users that don't have all permissions.
  • Fixed sprintf: typo in "delete X records" language string.
  • Fixed missing "modal.js" for users lacking all permissions in EasyTable Manager.
  • Removed old uninstall preference from EasyTable Pro Global preferences.

 1.0.0ß3 Additions:

  • Added the "Raw Data Entry" preference to the Settings screen.
  • Added language strings for the creation of EasyTable Pro Settings

1.0.0ß3 Fixes:

  • Fixed permission check so that Super Admins are always valid.
  • Fixed hard coded 'jos_' reference in creation of EasyTable Pro settings.
  • Fixed the tooltip text for the Raw Data Entry preference.

 1.0.0ß2 Additions:

  • New Version checking to avoid remote simpleXML issues on some servers.
  • New preference to allow specific groups to enter raw data into table fields (HTML etc).

1.0.0ß2 Changes:

  • Change max_upload_filesize preference to reference the servers php.ini setting.

1.0.0ß2 Fixes:

  • Fixed the table column heading for Delete (<th> wasn't closed)
  • Fixed install script references to ET_MgrHelper and JText references.

 1.0.0ß1 Additions:

  • Add component settings for
    • user defined 'restrictedTables' from settings into filter array.
    • the MAX_FILE_SIZE settings value to the EasyTable view object for use in the form.
    • access setting for Settings
    • access setting for linking external tables
    • access setting for table management
    • access setting for data upload
    • access setting for editing table records
  • Add SQL to error message to help with debugging.
  • Added French and Portuguese language file submitted by users.

1.0.0ß1 Changes:

  • Change EasyTable Manager to disable table options based on settings.
  • Change the lockout tooltips to include the user->name of the user currently locking out a table.
  • Change display of version check results to only display the version number and a link to the release notes.
  • Change the Upload popup to use the settings value for MAX_FIELD_SIZE rather than a hard coded value.
  • Change the table editor MAX_FILE_SIZE value to use the setting value rather than the hard coded value.
  • Change file processing chunk size to use the settings value rather than a hard coded value.
  • Change location of Toolbar setup in EasyTable Manager to view.html allowing Settings Access & Linking Tables to be conditional.
  • Change the 'You are not authorised...' text to a language file entry.
  • Change getSettings() to create default settings record if none exists.
  • Change hard coded list of restricted tables to remove 'jos_' references ('jos_' is not used on all sites!)
  • Change JS files to split out JS for data editing screens.
  • Change install script to add a default settings record to the meta table.
  • Change manifest to include helpers folder.

1.0.0ß1 Fixes:

  • Fix the situation where a user filters out all tables ie. table list is empty.
  • Fix the checking for settings call to db.
  • Fix/Remove old code in custom install script.
  • Fix the creation of default settings in managerfunctions - use \n not \r for end of lines - DOH! Add suitable messages about settings.
  • Fix processing of restrictedTables parameter to correctly use newline \n rather than carriage return \r.
  • Fix mangling of setting during save when the user is not a 'Super Administrator'
  • Fix tooltip description for 'Image Directory'
  • Fix custom uninstall script to obey the "uninstall-type" preference.
  • Fixed several JText strings that had illegal characters at their ends that prevented them being used.
  • Fix typo in error message.
  • Fix direct file reference to easytabledata.js in manifest (it's moved to a new location).
  • Fix path reference for JS files to new /assets/ folder in admin record view.
  • Fix the getFWO functions to recognise that our packed 'params' are at least 1 char long even when empty. Resolves issues with empty fields and empty options.
  • Fix record views retrieval & merging of menu params.
  • Fix/Clean up comments and spacing.
  • Fix hard coded 'jos_' references in initial data editing functions.


 0.9.0a Fixes:

  • Fix missing fields for use as tokens when not field displayed in list or detail view or no linked table.

 0.9.0 Additions:

  • Add 'editData' to the submitBtn function
  • Add 'et_table_page' ID to DIV on table page.
  • Add a component & table level preference to control display of pagination elements above the table.
  • Add class to allow styling list elements per table 'et_list_table_XXXX', where XXXX is the easytablealias.
  • Add custom icon file for table data edit view.
  • Add custom icon to table data edit view in EasyTable Admin.
  • add icons for data upload column in Mgr view.
  • Add interface to upload replacement/additional data to a table via the Manager view.
  • Add Joomla tooltips to EasyTable manager and table editor views.
  • Add Joomla tooltips to EasyTable Mgr Editor view
  • Add missing returns to if statement.
  • Add new and updated icons for manager view.
  • Add pagination to table records view.
  • Add preference to remove backlink from page title ie. tablename on record view
  • Add preference to remove linked table from record view.
  • Add preliminary editData support to Controller.
  • Add record creation, deletion and editing.
  • Add support functions for DataEditorIcon, EditorLink and publishedIcon to manager view.html.php
  • Add table list and record views
  • Add the tooltip for "Access Level" in Table Preferences.
  • Add Upload Data to EasyTable Pro Management screen.
  • Add user definable label for modification date.
  • Add User filtering to table records. ie. rows in a table will only appear if they have a column value that matches the 'User ID' or 'username".

0.9.0 Changes:

  • Change 'Description' column position in manager view to last position, added a column width of 20 & entabbed code.
  • Change 'Published' icon to use publish_g.png and tidy icon spacing in manager view.
  • Change affected messages to JApplication->enqueueMessage & JText format.
  • Change all <BR > tags to the same format.
  • Change base model to include username as editor in EasyTables model ('editor' is required by 'grid.checkedout').
  • Change code & functions layout to make more sense for the 1.0 feature set.
  • Change feedback message in EasyTable manager view.
  • Change manager view to a simplified format by moving some logic for row elements to view.html.php
  • Change rendering of description to only show if there is a description.
  • Change Table Editor view to allow for user selection of 'appending' or 'replacing' records.
  • Change table modifaction warning to stay visible even after controls hidden.
  • Change viewfuctions helper getImageWithOptions() to use JUri for site base.

0.9.0 Fixes:

  • Clean up/remove old debug echo's from controller.
  • Fix bug when 'Show pagination' is set to 'No' and 'Show Footer Pagination' is set to 'Yes' In this case the pagination object isn't created but is referenced for the footer.
  • Fix call to getDataEditorIcon()
  • Fix duplicated pageclass_sfx (removed class from page title).
  • Fix getDataEditorIcon function (we now pass in rowID and cid correctly.
  • Fix grey background on icon files.
  • Fix incorrect use of ID for 'etTableListLockElement' - should be a 'CLASS' not and ID
  • Fix incorrectly closed 's.
  • Fix JS validation for initial creation of the data table.
  • Fix misspelled JText key in EasyTable Mgr list view.
  • Fix mistake where row->id was passed rather than table row position.
  • Fix placement of closing </form> tag so that pagination elements below the table work.
  • Fix reversion in table description not accepting HTML
  • Fix row->check back in the right position.
  • Fix table description in record view by removing extra call to 'htmlspecialchars()'
  • Fix the position of 'getUser' so that it's only called once per page.
  • Fix the record count so that it doesn't get all records from the table, just a count of all records.
  • Fix typo in EasyTable icon css.
  • Fix unnecessary routing through etSubmitForum()
  • Fix XML style closing 'span' tag.

 0.8.0 Additions:

  • Add a show_pagination_footer preference.
  • Add a show_pagination_footer to global component preferences.
  • Add cross browser row creation.
  • Add element names & id's to support table structure modifcation features.
  • Add eMail cloaking to 'EMAIL' fields in table list and record views.
  • Add et_last_row class to last record of table where record count=id
  • Add functions to add and delete fields to an EasyTable.
  • add graphic elements for table modification functions
  • Add ID's to key table elements incl. TR in table editor, in prep. for Table Modifications.
  • Add improved user messages on table changes.
  • Add JavaScript file for mail cloaking.
  • Add JS function to validate user edited alias' and to warn about data truncation.
  • Add JS to create new fields, delete fields and automatically create an Alias after user entry.
  • Add JS warning about data truncation when changing field types.
  • Add language file entries for new features.
  • Add ModifyTable button to Toolbar and controls to table fields
  • Add support for new fields and deleted fields.
  • Add try/catch to table rendering.

0.8.0 Changes:

  • Change 'Modify Structure' button so that it's only visible when a table structure exists.
  • Change 'toggleModifyControls' to disable data file uploads and show a Waring Notice.
  • Change 'validateAlias' to reject empty alias' and inform user.
  • Change pagination DIV so it only renders if in use.
  • Correct number type to FLOAT
  • Improve display of top pagination when limit is set to all.
  • Update Alias lock icon path to use the our lock/unlock assets.
  • Update meta XML for component.
  • Work around Joomla bug for component menu icons. (EasyTable & EasyTable Pro now show their own icons when both are installed)

0.8.0 Fixes:

  • Fix AliassAreUnique check to include last alais and reject blank/empty alias'
  • Fix alterEasyTableFieldName 'text' bug
  • Fix Label & Description storage with addslashes.
  • Fix missing CSS for Warning
  • Fix missing tbody in table editor.
  • Fix PHP 5.2 bug in foreach unrolling cause master index to be advanced.
  • Fix storage of FieldOptions where servers have dangerous get_magic_quotes turned ON.

 0.7.0 Additions

When upgrading to 0.7.0 from 0.6.0 please read this article to understand how these changes will affect the storage of your table data.

  • Add field 'alias' editing
    • NB: you must unlock the alias before you can edit it.
    • NB: within any given table the alias' must be unique.
  • Update admin JS to check for unique alias' per column.
  • Implemented field types => MySQL data types selection.

0.7.0 Changes

  • Add try/catch to table rendering - to help track rare circumstance where only the first column is displayed in a table view.
  • Update CSVParse to allow fgetcsv to use PHP local defaults for installation rather than forcing ',' as separator.
  • Change 'fieldalias' to editable field in EasyTable Editor view.
  • Change controller to store new field alias values and change mySQL table.

0.7.0 Fixes

  • Fix pass by ref in record view.

 0.6.0 Additions

• Add support for detecting and importing TAB delimited files ( ie. files with a TAB instead of a COMMA, with a file suffix of .tab
• Added support for Joomla 1.5 Access control ie. Public | Registered | Special

0.6.0 Changes

• Change 'Create Date' & 'Modified Date' to match Joomla standard s.

0.5.0 Additions

• Added a Joomla Search plugin for EasyTable Pro. • Add per field preference to control a fields inclusion in the search functions.
• Add searchable by Joomla to EasyTable Manager interface.
• Add searchable by Joomla preference
• Add a hit function to increment 'hit' on each display.
• Add the record ID to each row's html in the table display.

0.5.0 Changes

• Restructure et_search_pagination DIV into multiple elements.

0.5.0 Fixes

• Clean up translations using Translation Manager component.
• Update translation files for menus.

0.4.0 Additions:

• Add a Javascript alert to the EasyTable editor to ensure that at least one (1) field is selected for the List View.
• Add support for field token substitutions in Field Options, where a token, of format #fieldalias#, will be replaced by the value in fieldalias for that row.
• Add 'Reset' button to search form for front-end users.

 0.4.0 Changes:

• Change the way field options are stored to hex format.

0.4.0 Fixes:

• Empty page counter parenthesis () are not displayed when there is only one page of records.

 0.3.0 Additions:

  • Table lists can now have a sort order specified (ascending/descending) by name, creation or modification date.
  • Table's can now have a default sort field specified (ascending/descending) in the menu's "Basic" settings.
  • Table's can now be filtered (contains/exact match)based on any of the fields in the table.
  • Added 'Page Class Suffix' support to Tables list, table and record views.
  • We now report an error when no fields have been specified for the list view.

0.3.0 Fixes:

  • Joomla mainmenu is now disable when editing a table to prevent "Checked Out Table" issues.
  • Fixed display of URL fields that contain HTML anchor tags ie. start with ' < a href='
  • We now catch tables that don't have any fields selected for the list view.
  • Fixed pagination to allow for limit 0 (All)

 0.2.1 Additions:

  • Table lists can now have a sort order specified (ascending/descending) by name, creation or modification date.
  • Added 'Page Class Suffix' support to Tables list, table and record views.
  • We now report an error when no fields have been specified for the list view.

0.2.1 Fixes:

  • We now catch tables that don't have any fields selected for the list view.
  • Fixed pagination to allow for limit 0 (All)

 0.2.0 Additions:

  • Added a preference to turn on SortableTable
  • Included JS SortableTable to cause tables to sort by clicking on column headings
  • added classes to indicate sort direction of a column 'etAscending' & 'etDescending'
  • URL fields now support HTML entries, ie. < a href='http://en.wikipedia.org' > Click Here < /a >

0.2.0 Fixes:

  • Fully qualified URL field values once again open a new window

 0.1.1 Additions:

  • Links to Next/Prev record in detail view.
  • Added a preference to control display of Next/Prev record links in detail view.
  • Editor screen now shows a list of fields for the current table in the "Linked Table" preferences pane.
  • Menus can now link to a specific record by row number in original CSV file.
  • Added DATE and NUMBER field types
  • Field options Part 1 are now implemented.
    • URL field options replaces displays the text option as a hyperlink to the URL eg. Click Here
    • Image field options are used to specify additional attributes to the html tag, eg. class = "portrait" or width = 50 px;
    • Number fields support number_format() options
    • Date fields (in US En format mm/dd/YY(yy) only) support strftime() options
  • Added better breadcrumbs and fixed Page Titles of tables from table lists.
  • Added global preference for unistall type.
  • Modified uninstall script to allow for Complete/Partial Uninstalls.

0.1.1 Changes:

  • Updated meta table with 'params' column in prep for field options in Pro
  • Updated path to component usage to be more consistant.
  • Added a global current table ID for admin use.
  • Re-imports reset record IDs so they match row numbers.

0.1.1 Fixes:

  • updated the css to use the component icon in the manager view.
  • Fixed table selection menu in ET Manager table view
  • Cleared up two more low impact PHP & XML mistakes.
  • Resolved two minor bugs resulting from inconsistent capitalisation of variable names.

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