EasyTable [ Editor Annotated ]EasyTable is a Joomla 1.5 component that allows you to import CSV files into Joomla as separate database tables.

Once imported the table can be configured to display some or all fields in either the list or detail views or both.

EasyTable for J! supports text fields, URL and image file names for each column of the imported table, to give you a better idea have a look at this screenshot of the EasyTable editing screen with helpful annotations.

Aug. 2012: In line with the end of life for Joomla! 1.5, support for Joomla! 1.5 compatible versions is no longer available.

Key Points

Where Do I get it?
Demo Site
EasyTable for J!
Get EasyTable for J! here.
(Theres also sample files available.)
FAQs, Articles & Free community driven support is available in the Forums, or you can get a Support Subscription for access to the private Subscriber Support forum.
$0.00 ( Yep! )
Go ahead, its free like air!
No longer available
Its free...
EasyTable Pro!
EasyTable Pro! requires an
EasyTable Support Subscription.
In addition to the FAQs, Articles and community forums, current Support Subscribers have access to a private forum monitored by our support staff & developers.
Its Free with a Support Subscription
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Component Features

Link Them
Simple, elegant import of CSV files to use as searchable content.
You can import as many tables as you want.
EasyTables supports key fields, linking a primary & secondary table.
See multiple records in a List view, drill down to a detail view.
Images can be rendered inline in the list/detail views.
Absolute or relative weblinks can be rendered inline.


Each CSV file you upload creates a new native table in the database your Joomla website uses. As such, searching and record retrieval is only limited by the capacity of your database server. The small amount of meta data and any options you specify for column data do not impact on your website thanks to the paginated presentation of records - no matter how many are in your tables.


Joomla Version

1.5.14 ( although it may work on previous versions of Joomla 1.5 { 1.5.10 does have a known issue with packages that we can't address } ) EasyTable Pro requires 1.5.20 ( although it may work on previous versions) 1.5.25 ( is recommended )


MySQL 5.0+ ( FC1 has run on the last version of MySQL 4.1 so it should work )

PHP Version

5.1+ ( it's 2012 people - you'll just have to live with it ).


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