EasyTable Upload ScreenEasyTable Pro offers a dedicated upload screen directly from the list of tables in the EasyTable Manager. To upload to a specific table you simply click on the upload icon upload in the same row as the tables name.

Upload Screen

Like the rest of EasyTable Pro the key interface elements have useful Tooltips attached as shown in the screenshot below (click on it to see a full sized version).

The Upload screen aims to simplify the process and make it clear to the user what they are doing when uploading the data file. Separating it out from the Table Editor screen also reduces the chance on user confusion with the other functions available on that screen.

From the upload screen you can either replace existing records with new ones from your CSV/TAB file or you can append new records to the existing records in the table.

EasyTable for J! only allows you to replace the records in a table.


EasyTable Upload Screen

The process is a simple 4 step sequence.

  1. Pick an Upload Type -> Replace/Append.
  2. Select a CSV/TAB file from your computer.
  3. Tell EasyTable if the first row of the file has column heading.
  4. Click the Upload File button.


Once the upload is complete EasyTable Pro will show you a status message telling you what is done. Then you can upload additional records or close the lightbox to complete the process.

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