EasyTable Pro extends the feature set of EasyTable for J! and has additional interface elements - this article covers the differences in the EasyTable Manager screen.

Selecting EasyTable Pro from the Components menu will take you to the EasyTable Pro Manager screen.

The Manager screen has 3 additional columns to support the additional features of EasyTable Pro, you can roll over elements to see helpful Tooltips as shown in the screenshot below.



In EasyTable Pro the buttons available in the Toolbar will vary based on the account type of the user and the components Settings.

EasyTable Pro - Toolbar Variations

A Super Administrator will see all of the Toolbar buttons available. Administrators and Managers will not see the Settings or Parameters button by default.

Edit Data edit

The EasyTable Pro component has an additional screen that lets you edit existing records in your table, it also lets you create new records or delete existing one.

Upload Data upload

EasyTable Pro has a dedicated upload screen for managing the import of records to your table.

The EasyTable components let you create a table and update records in the table by uploading a new CSV file. With EasyTable Pro, you can upload a new CSV/TAB file and choose whether or not the new file replaces existing records (as happens in EasyTable for J!) or appends them to existing records.


EasyTable Pro includes a plug-in that makes tables searchable by Joomla's built-in search facility. You can change the searchable state of each individual table from the Manager screen by clicking on the icon in the Searchable column.

The "Searchable" state can have 3 possible values:

  1. Global - Global Preference Icon - uses the components global settings to determine whether or not to search the table.
  2. Yes - tick - changes the Tables searchable setting to enable Joomla search.
  3. No - publish_x - changes the Tables searchable setting to disable Joomla search.

List Filter

EasyTable Pro has the List Filter feature located in the top left, it allows you to filter your table list by entering in part of the table name.


Simply enter part of the table name and press "Go" to display the matching items. To clear press "Reset".


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