Upgrading/Installing EasyTable Pro uses the standard Joomla installation process and only varies slightly with the older Joomla 2.5 series (as 2.5 is no longer supported this document will focus on Joomla 3 installations or upgrades).

(This document has been updated to 1.4.8)

N.B. We recommend that you create a tested backup of your website before doing any work on it. We like Akeeba Backup Pro and it's System Restore Points feature a lot for situations where we are installing new extensions or upgrading existing ones. Of course it goes without saying that you should take a full backup prior to making any of these changes.

Basic Install

To install/update you use the standard Joomla!->Extensions->Manage menu option.

Install the EasyTable component ( X.X.X-com_easytablepro.zip ) file first, then install the search plugin ( X.X.X-plg_easytablepro.zip ) zip file.

e.g. for the 1.4.0 version the file names will are 1.4.0-com_easytablepro.zip and 1.4.0-pkg_easytablepro.zip

A normal install will supply some basic success/failure information on completion as shown below:

  Install msg


*If you do not see the basic information shown in the screen shot above, it is probably because you have AkeebaBackup installed and it's Restore Points feature enabled. In these circumstances, immediately after installing click on the Manage tab to see the success/failure messages. 

Message after Upgrading EasyTable Pro!

This next section is for users updating from a previous version of EasyTable Pro!

EasyTable Pro! upgrades do not require you to uninstall the previous version, simply install the new version via the Extension Manager.

If the installer finds a previous set of Easytables it will swap over to the upgrade process and update the EasyTable Pro table. The upgrade process will present a series of messages on completion similar to the image below. N.B. It is normal for there to be a series of red X's when an update is performed, this is simply part of the clean-up for users that haven't upgraded in a long time.


Upgrade Message


Uninstalling EasyTable Pro!

EasyTable Pro! is uninstalled just like any normal Joomla! Extension. Navigate to Extensions->Manage->Manage.

An easy way to find the EasyTable Pro! software is to type "easy" into the Filter box

Click on the check box next to EasyTable Pro! and then click on the "Uninstall" button in Joomla!'s toolbar. When EasyTable Pro! is successfully uninstalled you will see a message similar to the following screenshot.

Uninstall message

If you installed the search plugin for EasyTable you will need to follow the same procedure to remove it.

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