EasyTable Pro introduces user filtering based on the logged in users Joomla ID or Username. This allows you to create records in your table that can only be seen by one user and no one else. The only exception to this is if you create a menu link directly to a record view, that record will be shown regardless of user filtering.



User Filtering Panel

To use it you simple add a column to your table and populate it with a Joomla ID / Username of the user that you want to be able to view a given record. You then enable user filtering, select the identity type you want to match against and then select the new User identity field in your table.

If the user is not logged in they will only see records that have either a 0 (zero) value if you're using Joomla IDs or records where the value is empty if you're using their Joomla Username. ( We strongly recommend you use the Joomla ID as Usernames can be changed but user ID's are fixed to the account until it's deleted. )

Step 1 - Enable User Filter

Enable User Filtering

Step 2 - Choose the identity type you want to Filter By

User Filtering by ID or Username

Step 3 - Select the User value field in your table.

Select the User value field to match against.

In Joomla! 2.5 the visual styling of the User Filter options are slightly different to look at but EasyTable Pro! 1.1.0 functionality is the same:

User Filter Settings Example

It is important not to enable user filtering unless you have a field in your table already setup with and Username or User ID - enabling this feature when the table doesn't contain a suitable field or without a selecting a filter field can have unpredictable results.

Step 4 - There is no step 4.



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