EasyTable Pro proved a simple filter that allows you to filter the contents of a field using one or more filter values.

On our demonstration website we have setup our US Presidents table to have a few simple filters on it, for example this filtered view of the table is set to show only records where the "party" field contains "democrat", similarly this view shows only the records where "party" field contains "Republican".

Simple Filter (party contains 'democrat')Simple Filter (party contains 'democrat')

Multiple Values

On our demonstration website you can also see an example where we have filtered the US Presidents table to show only the First and Last Presidents.

In this view of the table we want to display the first and last President. To do this we set the "Filter" Parameters by selecting the Field to Filter and Filter Type in Table Options as shown below:

Table Options  Default StateEasyTable Pro! 1.2.0 Table Options - Default State

In the Filter Value we type in the values we want to filter. Multiple Filter Values are separated using the pipe character "|" as the separator (it's usually found above the "\" key).

To set multiple filter values as used in our First & Last Presidents example set the Filter

Table Options - Standard Filter, multiple valuesStandard Filter with multiple values

Value to: George Washington|Barack Obama

Remember multiple Filter Values can be entered by separating the values with the pipe character.

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