In addition to the simpler standard table filtering system EasyTable Pro 1.2.0 and higher have an Advanced Filter option available at the Table and Menu item level. If filters are set at both levels and the "Mandatory Table Filter  will be combined and may result in a set of criteria that returns no records.

The Advanced Filter is enable and set in the Table Option pane and appears below the standard Filter as shown below:

Table Options - Default StateTable Options - Show Advanced Filter

The 'Advanced Filter' allows you to set a group of conditions on the display of records. Conditions are made up of a sequence of tokens, operators and comparison values.
Each condition should be on it own line, multiple conditions are 'AND'ed together.

  • Each condition has three sections separated by two pipe symbols: ||
  • Basic Syntax: field alias||operator||comparison value
  • Field Alias: field alias are used throughout EasyTable Pro especialy in #tokens# and in the field alias section of a condition statement they are used in place of the column name. e.g. column_name
  • Operators:
    •  =    the field/column is equal to the comparison value
    •  !=    the field/column is not equal to the comparison value
    •  <    the field/column is less than to the comparison value
    •  >    the field/column is greater than to the comparison value
    •  LIKE    the field/column value is found within the comparison value (only useful for string comparisons, e.g. 'Mississippi' contains 'miss')
  • Comparison Value: The comparison value can be a string of text, or one of the special values listed:
    • CURDATE()as defined by MySQL
    • CURTIME()as defined by MySQL
    • NOW()as defined by MySQL
    • ##return $aValue;## A PHP statement, which must return a number or string for comparison.

Please Note: It is entirely possible to set a filter that crashes when using ##PHP## statements, it is also possible to create filters that execute properly but return no records, depending on the layout in use this may have unintended consequences.

Once you've created your the filter you will need to set the "Use Advanced Filter" to "Yes".

 Advanced Filter ExamplesAdvanced Filter Examples

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