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When the field type is set to NUMBER, then EasyTable Pro will use PHP's number_format() function to render the number.

If no options are provided PHP's default format will apply, so a value of:


will be rendered as


Note the .89 has been truncated and comma's "," have been used to separate the periods of the number.

NUMBER + Field Options

NUMBER's support up to 5 parameters with each parameter separated by a slash "/'. The first 3 correspond to the standard parameters of PHP's number_format(), the addition two parameters add a Prefix and a Suffix.

In order they are:

  • Number of decimal places
  • Decimal Separator
  • Period/Thousands Separator
  • Prefix
  • Suffix

Taking the number value above and adding these field options: 2/. / , /AUD $/ (Approx.) will render the number as:

AUD $1,234,567.89 (Approx.)

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