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Image fields are discussed in this article, but they have also been extended with EasyTable Pro.

Anything found in the field options for an IMAGE field will be used in the <img src as additional tags. ie. it will be inserted into the image tag.

  • If the IMAGE has no field options
    • and the path to the default directory for images is "/path/to/images"
    • it will be rendered <img src="/path/to/images/Obama_thmb.jpg" />
  • If a field option of alt="President's Portrait Thumbnail" is added
    •  the HTML will change to <img src="/path/to/images/Obama_thmb.jpg" alt="President's Portrait Thumbnail" />
  • If a field option of alt="#president#'s Portrait Thumbnail" is added
    • the HTML will change to <img src="/path/to/images/Obama_thmb.jpg" alt="Barak Obama's Portrait Thumbnail" />

Obviously you can use any of the IMG elements attributes in your field options, they will simply be inserted into the tag.

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