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When a field type is set to DATE, EasyTable Pro will render the contents of the field as a PHP date if the raw value in the CSV file was in the standard US English format mm/dd/YY(yy). The US En format for dates is the standard format used by products like Excel, Filemaker, Access, Numbers etc.

If the date value is not a format that can be processed the raw date field will be passed through and a HTML comment will be appended to the raw data. If you don't see the expected date result you can check for the error comment by right clicking and doing a "View Source" or if you're using a developer tool in your browser "Inspect Element".

If the type is specified as DATE and the field options is left blank the date will default to standard PHP default (""F j, Y""), typically of the form January 20, 1993.

From EasyTable Pro! version 1.4.0 the date formatting function has been updated to use Joomla's language aware JDate classes, what does this mean? Well if your Joomla website is setup to work with languages other than English (e.g. you have the French language pack installed) then "Date" fields will be rendered using the local language settings.

In the EasyTable Record editor date preview will use the formatting defined to preview the date in the sites current language. You can see this in the image below which show the dates using the English and French in the record editor.

Record Editing Dates - English vs French

The same effective result happens in the front-end, as you can see in the image below showing a DataTables view of the Easter Dates sample table.

Records - Front-end Dates English vs French

DATE + Field Options


If a format string is supplied EasyTable Pro will attempt to render it using the PHP date() function. For the US Presidents table on our Joomla Reference website you will see the format has been left to the default for the date US Presidents "Took office" while the field option for the "Left office" has been specified as "l" (that's a lowercase L) which equates to the full text name of the day of the week.

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