Field Types

EasyTable Pro supports all the standard types found in EasyTable for J! and two additional fields types to help provide better display and sorting features.

It also support field options that affect the formatting of each field, the options vary by type but all support token replacement with values from the current field or other fields.


EasyTable Pro supports tokens for field rendering. Tokens are replaced with their respective values prior to formatting being applied to a field.

Field types of TEXTDATE, NUMBER, URL & IMAGE have specific formatting applied to them based on their type and the contents of the processed field options.

Tokens are indicated by the field alias enclosed in two # symbols. An example table is show below:

Presidency presidency #presidency#
President president #president#
Party party #party#
Wikipedia Entry wikipedia-entry #wikipedia-entry#
Thumbnail thumbnail #thumbnail#
Home State home-state #home-state#
Took Office took-office #took-office#
Left Office left-office #left-office#
Portrait portrait #portrait#


A fields alias is converted to it's token by the application of a # immediately before and after the alias, like those shown in the table above.

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