EasyTable Editor - AnnontatedThe table editor screen in EasyTable Pro has a range of additional features - click on the thumbnail to see an annotated screenshot of the Easytable Pro Table Editor.

The rest of this article quickly reviews the key features annotated on this screenshot and provides links to related articles and FAQs.



_01EasyTable Pro allows you to modify the structure of your tables. Click on the "Modify Structure" button in the toolbar to reveal the tools that allow you to remove, add or edit field attributes.


EasyTable Editor - Annotated

_02EasyTable Pro adds the ability to append new records to your table in addition to replacing existing records (the default behaviour in EasyTable for J!). To add new records you simply click on the radio button "Append" and upload your CSV/TAB file as you normally would.


_03EasyTable Pro has expanded preferences per table. As with standard Joomla practices the preferences you set at the table level over-ride the preferences set at the global component level or the menu level. EasyTable Pro has updated and useful Tooltips for each preference item.

Amongst other preferences EasyTable Pro includes a preferences to:

  • restrict access to table based on a users Joomla ACL.
  • control the display of pagination controls before and after the table
  • control the availability of in-page sorting.

_04EasyTable Pro lets you edit the alias of fields. Field alias' are used for CSS classes and IDs allowing you target specific table elements in your templates CSS.

See this FAQ for an example of what you can do with EasyTable CSS classes.

_05EasyTable Pro includes a plug-in to allow Joomla's built-in search function to search your your table content. In the editor you can control whether a table is searchable by Joomla, and which fields can be searched within a table.

_06EasyTable Pro support "Field Options" and "Tokens" to help you add formats to field values or create advanced links. For further reading see this article and this FAQ for more on field options and tokens.


_07EasyTable Pro allows you to set a Global, Menu or Table preference controlling the display of any records from a linked table in the current records detail view.


_08EasyTable Pro allow you to filter records in your table against the users ID or Username. It does this by matching the value in a selected column to the current user object Joomla provides. ( If a user isn't logged in the ID defaults to 0 )


_08EasyTable Pro now supports long table descriptions - so long infact that you could write an article in the description field. ( The table description field now uses the Joomla! text editor you have set as the default in your website — the screenshot shows styled text with hyperlinks using JCE.  )


_08EasyTable Pro now provides handy toggle controls that let you turn On (  ) or Off ( X ) all fields in the List or Detail View columns or in the Search column with a single click. Or you can Flip ( F ) the settings in any of those columns (ie. if a field is marked as On it will flip itself Off and vice-versa.)


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