The List Layout is like most other menu items in Joomla! and has the standard Title field. This is the first step that you will need to complete. As with other Joomla! menus you can also specify where in the menu heirarchy the menu item will appear.

The list layout shows you a list of all published tables, as you can see on the reference website.

Table lists have a basic parameter that lets you sort the list by the tables name, creation date or modification date. The default setting is by Name in Ascending order, all sort types can be done in either ascending or descending order.

Table List Options

With the advent of Joomla! 1.6+ a new access control system was implemented which allows EasyTable Pro! to limit what tables are shown in the list. In addition, as some users have lots (and by lots we mean hundreds) of tables the listing now supports Joomla!'s global list settings and paginates the list accordingly (if you want).

Table List Access Options

Show Tables

The table list will only show published tables, however, you can control which tables are shown based on the users logged in state.

  • Show To All - All tables will be listed but some tables may show a locked icon if they are restricted. (This is how it worked in Joomla! 1.5).
  • Show All To Logged In Users - All tables will be listed if a user is logged, but some tables may show a locked icon if the user is not in the correct viewing group.
  • Show To Allowed Groups - The Table list will only show tables to users if they are in the right group. Public tables will be listed for all users.
    N.B. If there are no Public tables and no tables in the current users group then the list could appear to be empty.
Show Skipped Tables

If tables are hidden from a user because they are not logged in or don't have the right privilledges the last element of the table list will display a brief message indicating how many tables are not visible if this option is set to Yes.

Example Table Lists

Using the setting above you have tables listed that show their restricted status using a Lock Icon:

Table List for Guest


Once the user has logged in as a member of a suitable user group the lock icon is no longer displayed:

EasyTable Pro Table List for member of a User Group

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