A Search Results Only layout in it's initial behaviour is the opposite of a normal table, as by default it won't show you any records. Using a Search Results Only layout with your table is great for large tables that you don't want users to browse at will or for presenting focused sets of data to your users.

When creating a table view using this layout you must select a table as with the other layout types, once you've selected and saved your choice of table you will notice a difference in the Table Options panel. In addition to the options found in the Default layout, Table Options now includes a new section to help configure the Search Results Only layout.

Table Options for "Search Results Only" Menu Item

 The new options are:

  • Initial Search — The Initial Search value is used when the table is first displayed. If it is left empty then no records are shown until the user specifies a search term.
  • Show Table Headings — If set to Yes (the default) the table's headings will be shown even if no records match the current search. If set to No only the 'No Matching records' message will be shown.
  • No Search Message— If you don't provide an initial search term, or the user deletes the search term, then a default message is displayed. You can replace that message on a per table view basis using this text area.

You can see an example of this view on our demo website. As no initial search terms are specified the table shows you a message in the table rows area prompting you to provide some search terms. For your convenience we've set up a few buttons in the table description to search in specific fields for various presidents. Try some searchs and then clear the search terms to see it return to it blank state.

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