The Table Layout is like most other menu items in Joomla and has the standard Title field. This is the first step that you will need to complete. As with other Joomla! menus you can also specify where in the menu heirarchy the menu item will appear.

The next step will be selecting a table to display from the Required Settings panel on the top right of the Edit Menu Item screen. If you have some published tables it will look something like the screen shot below:

EasyTable Pro 1.1 Table Layout Menu Item Select Table

Once you've selected the table you must Save your changes - doing so allows Joomla! to then display the Table Options relevant to the table you've selected, as shown below:

 EasyTable Pro 1.1 Table Menu Table Options

    • Sorting — each table can have a default sort order applied to it through these options.
      • It should be noted if you enable the in-page sorting the order of records on a page can be overridden by the users clicking on the column headings.
      • Select Sort Field — The field you want to sort the table by. (You must save the table choice before you can select the field).
      • Sort Field Order — The order (Ascending/Descending) to sort the field by.

Filtering —

    the records visible in a table view can be filtered by criteria set in these options.
    • Select Field To Filter — The field you want to filter table records by. 
    • Enter Filter Value — In this input field you place the text you want to match table records with (in our example you can see that we are matching the Party field against the value Democrat).
  • No Results Message — If a search term returns no matching records the contents of this text area will be used in place of the default message.
  • Alternative Layout - Use a different layout from the supplied EasyTable Pro! view or overrides in the templates. If your template provides alternate EasyTable Pro! layouts or you've created and installed one they will appear in this menu.


Table Options Default - Filter for Democrat

From these settings the US Presidents table will be filtered to just show Presidents that have a value that contains the text "Democrat" - you can see this on the demo web site.

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