Displaying Fields in the Detail View

To have a field display in the "Detail View" all you need to do is click on the red button publish x in the "Detail View" column adjacent to the field you want to display. You'll know if you successfully toggled the "Detail View" setting as it will change to a green tick, like this: tick

You can see in this image below different fields with varying "List" and "Detail" view settings:

EasyTable Pro 1.1 Field Settings

Record View Settings

When a detail view is displayed you can adjust some specific settings in the "Record View Setting" panel. Simply click on the panels heading to reveal the options as shown below.

EasyTable Pro 1.1 Record View Settings Title Field

As will all options in Joomla! you can specify a Global value that is used by default or you can specify a particular option for each table.

Title Links to Table — If set to 'Yes' the title on the records page will link back to the Table the record is from. If set to 'No' the record title will not be a link. 

Title Field — If a field is selected it will be appended to the Page Title and it will be used in the construction of the URL (e.g. in the example shown above for the US Presidents table the record for Abraham Lincoln would end with /us-presidents/16/abraham-lincoln.html

Display Next/Prev Link — In a record view this will show links to the next and previous record if they exist.

Show Linked Table — If the table has a linked table, any records that match will be shown on this records page.

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