Edit Data

To edit the records in a table you click on the "Edit Data" icon edit in the column after the table name, as show in this image:

Tables View - Table Interface elements

Once you've click on the "Edit Data" button you will taken to a view that shows the records in your table, from there you can edit/delete records or even create new records.


Table Data List View

Clicking on the Edit Data icon in the EasyTable Pro Manager screen will take you to screens that let you edit the actual data in your table. The first thing you will see is a list view that has the same fields as those used by the list view of your table - from this screen you can click on a record to edit it, delete a record or create a new one.


01editYou can edit the fields of a record by clicking on its Edit Icon in the record list or by clicking on its checkbox and the click the "Edit Record" button in the Toolbar


02publish_xYou can delete a record by clicking on its Delete Icon in the record list or by clicking on its checkbox and the click the "Edit Record" button in the Toolbar. When deleting a record EasyTable Pro will warn you, and give you an opportunity to cancel it before actually deleting the record.


03You can create a new 'empty' record by clicking on its "New Record" button in the Toolbar. After clicking on the "New Record" button you will be taken to an empty record view into which you can add data.


NB. If there are more records than your default list setting length then you will see pagination controls at the bottom of the table allowing you to advance through the records.

Record Edit View edit

01The Record Edit View presents the current raw values of the record in a series of form fields on the left of screen, while on the right of screen, it shows a preview of each fields values based on the setting in the EasyTable Table Editor.

If you change any data in the field you can get the preview to refresh by clicking the apply button.

EasyTable Data Editor - Record View

02Fields of type image will present a fixed size thumbnail preview if the tables path to images folder is set correctly.

The 'Image Directory' needs to be set in the EasyTable Table Editor for the image preview to work.


03Fields that use 'tokens' in the field options will preview according to those settings.


04Fields of type 'Date' and 'Number' will format based on either the default settings or any formatting found in the field options.


Don't forget you can get the previews to update by click the "Apply" button.




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