EasyTable Pro provides some advanced settings that controll the access that different users levels have to the components features.

EasyTable Pro - Toolbar highlighting 'Link Table' and 'Settings' buttons.

Under the default settings, when you're logged in as the Super Administrator you will see two additional buttons in the Joomla! Toolbar. These are the "Link Table" button and the "Settings" button as highlighted in the image above.

This article covers the "Settings" view in EasyTable Pro — to view/alter the Settings click on the red gear icon with the label "Settings" beneath it.

EasyTable Pro - Toolbar Settings Button

From this screen you can set component specific preferences that affect the administration and execution of the component. For global settings that affect the tables you create with the EasyTable Pro component use the "Parameters" button from the main EasyTable Manager screen.

Please Be Aware:
Some of these settings will potentially allow your Administrator or Managers to expose content to the public that you may not want to or have permission to.

Access Settings

Access Settings allow you to specify which features are available to Managers and Administrators, by default all features are available to the Super Adminstrator accounts. 

EasyTable Pro - Access Settings

  1. Allow Settings Access

    As you can see from this first setting the Super Administrator accounts always have access to the EasyTable Pro settings. (Remember Super Administrators always have access to all features).

  2. Link Tables Access

    This setting allows access to EasyTable Pro's external table linking by Managers and Administrators.

  3. Table Management

    This setting allows Managers and Administrators to create new tables or edit the meta data, structure or field options of existing tables.

  4. Data Uploads

    This setting allows Managers and Administrators to upload new CSV/TAB files to existing tables.

  5. Data Editing

    This setting allows Managers and Administrators to edit/delete/create records in existing tables.


Processing Settings EasyTable Pro - Processing Settings

  1. MAX. File Size
    This setting refers to the maximum file size you can upload through the data upload screens. The setting doens't override your server's maximum file upload size in it's PHP configuration.

    If you make the maximum file size larger than the PHP configuration then try to upload a large file it will fail.

  2. Chunk Size
    The 'Chunk Size' refers to the number of rows EasyTable Pro processes at a time — if your tables contains small rows (ie. each row only has a small amount of data/text) you can increase this number. If your tables have very large rows you may experience PHP memory issues — decreasing the number of rows processed may address this problem for larger tables.

  3. Restricted Tables
    Tables that match or partially match the names in this list will not be available for linking. (Tables that have 'easytables', '_core_acl' or '_session' in their name can't be linked). 

  4. Raw Data Entry
    From this control you can allow Managers and Administrators to insert raw HTML/JS or other potentially dangerous items into a field.

    Use with caution, when this field is enabled for a user group field data is not filtered so it is possible for a user in this group to insert HTML/Javascript.

Uninstall Settings EasyTable Pro - Uninstall Settings

  1. Uninstall
    When uninstalling, EasyTable will, by default, remove both the component and the tables data. Set this option to partial to only remove the software and leave the data intact.

    If you have upgraded from a previous version your uninstall settings will have been copied over from the previous version where the default was a "Partial" uninstall.

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