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So, you've created your first table, now how do you show it to the world? Like a lot of Joomla! components the content is displayed by a direct menu link.

The examples used here are based on the sample CSV files (US Presidents & US Population) available in the free download area. If you want to follow along you will need to download these files and import them using the EasyTable Pro component.

Remember due to the way that Joomla menu's work if you're upgrading from EasyTable for J! you will need to change your existing menu types to use the EasyTable Pro component.

 Menus? Joomla Menu Manager Menu

So, the first thing to do after creating and publishing your table is to create an EasyTable Pro menu that links to your table. The first step is to open the Menu you want the Table to show up in. You could select Menu Manager but it's quicker to just select the Menu directly as shown to the right (in this example we're adding the table to "Main Menu").


Menu Manager

Once we're in the Menu Manager we simply create the new menu item by clicking on the "New" button in the Menu Manager Toolbar as shown below.

Joomla Menu Manager Toolbar



New Menu

Select Menu Item TypeWhen creating a menu item in Joomla you must specify the type of content you're linking to, with EasyTable Pro installed you will see a new menu group called, appropriately EasyTable Pro. If you have previously created menu items using the free EasyTable for J! and want to convert them to EasyTable Pro menu items you will need to open them and change their type to the correct EasyTable Pro menu type.

Click on the EasyTable Pro menu group will reveal to three EasyTable Pro menu types available.


Menu Type



As you can see there are three EasyTable Pro! Menu types, the table layout view, the list of table view and the Record view (which is only available in EasyTablePro!).

EasyTable Pro - Layouts & Tips

As you can see from the three tooltips EasyTable Pro lets you show a specific table, any record for the table or a list of published tables.

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