EasyTable Pro! has supported Joomla's Access Control system since Joomla 1.5, however in Joomla 3 the layout and interface elements are slightly different.

Joomla ACL

The Joomla ACL since version 1.6 provides a very flexible and comprehensive solution (if somewhat difficult to setup for the novice). If you're not familiar with the Joomla ACL system these articles on the Joomla Doc's website are a good place to start.

This article doesn't aim to cover the entire Joomla ACL, rather simply show you how to restrict the access to a particular Joomla User Group for a given EasyTable.

The example we walk through here can be seen working on our Joomla demo site,

In the example we will restrict access to the Firefly Cast & Crew table to members of the Fan Club user group.

User Groups

The first step is to create the User Group we want our members to belong to. Select the sub-menu item "Add New Group" from the User->Groups menu.

Add New User Group

Simply set the name and click "Save & Close"

Create Fan Club Group

Then you'll see the new User Group in the Groups manager.

New User Group

Once you have a group you can obviously add users to it.

Viewing Access Levels

So far, this User Group is only good for grouping users together. Next we need to add a Viewing Access Level and add the new User Group to it.

As with User Groups, select the sub-men item "Add New Access Level"

Add New Access Level J3x

Set the name of the Access Level — in our example I want to create a viewing access for members of our imaginery club, so I've used the name "Club Members"

Create Club Members Access Level

The we have to set the Groups that belong to this Viewing Access Level, click the check box next to your new group and click "Save & Close".

Add Fan Club to Club Members

Setting the Access on an EasyTable

Please note some versions of EasyTable Pro 1.4 were not showing Access setting — version 1.4.6 and higher have this option corrected.

In EasyTable Pro! the table manger view shows you the access level for each table directly below the name of the table, in most cases this will default to Public access as shown here.

EasyTables with Public Access

To change a tables access we need to go to the table edit screen and the Access option from "Public" to that of the Access Viewing Level we want (in this case the one we created previously).

Change Table Access Level

After changing the level, click "Save & Close". You will notice that the tables new access level is reflected in the table manager (see below).

EasyTables with Club Access

How Access Levels affect EasyTable Views

Table List View

The Table List View list EasyTables that are currently published in the the EasyTable Pro! component. This view allows you to select which of the published tables are visible based on the state of the current user.

The tables that are listed can be varied based on if the user is a "Guest" or "Public" user versus a logged in user. Based on the users logged in state, any groups they belong to and the settings of the view tables may or may not be listed in the view, you can read more about it in the Table List View article.

Table View (aka Records View)

 If a non-logged-in user tries to access a table that is restricted to a particualr user group they will be asked to login.

Login Request when accessing a restricted Table

If they successfully login they will be redirected to the table they originally tried to access.

Record View (aka Detail View)

As with the table view trying to access the detail view of a record in a restricted table will result in the user being asked to login.

You need to login to access the forums.

Member Login

You need to Login to access your Subscription details or the Forums.