EasySafariVersion: 1.0.0

EasySafari let you easily add an icon to your Joomla website for Safari's "Pinned Tab" feature (available in Safari 9+).



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The EasySafari plugin works by adding a link to a black and transparent SVG file containing your logo. (You will need to make this file… sorry).

Each page of your Joomla website will have the link tag added to the head so that no matter which page you/your users "pin" in Safari the icon will be your custom one.

To see this plugin working, simply open this website in Safari version 9.0 (or later) and drag the tab to the left side of the window. As you approach the left side of the Tab Bar you will see an animation similar to this one shown below:

EasySafari plugin example.

  1. Install EasySafari via the standard Joomla Extension Manager.


  2. A successful installation message is displayed, click on the link in the message to enable the plugin.

    Successful Install Message

  3. Select EasySafari in the Joomla Plugin Manager and enable it.

    Plugin Manager

  4. Open EasySafari plugin

    Plugin Settings Tab

  5. Select your pin logo/icon file. (Remember this must be an SVG file of at least 32 x 32 size and elements should only be black or transparet. It also needs to be in your /images folder.)

    Select Logo File

  6. Select the color you want the pinned tab icon to be when the tab is active.

    Select Highlight Color

  7. Enable the plugin.

    Enable Plugin

  8. Save and Close the plugin.


  • the plugin works on Joomla 3.4+ and Joomla 2.5.28
  • it may work on other versions of Joomla 2 and 3 but we don't support them.
  • Safari 9 will not work with SVG files that contain color, filter effects or anything apart from 100% black elements.
  • Safari 9 is currently agressive about cacheing the tab icon
  • if you are testing after changing the icon file/color 
    • quit Safari
    • empty the contents of ~/Library/Safari/Template\ Icons/
    • restart Safari
  • 1.0.0
    • Initial version.



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