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EasyNAB Transact for JoomDonation, is a JoomDonation payment plug-in that allows payments to be processed in the JoomDonation extension.


Based on your NAB Merchant account this payment plug-in supports Visa and Mastercard payments using the NAB Transact Direct Post service.

To use this payment plugin you will need the Joomla! extension JoomDonation and an NAB bank account with the Transact Direct Post facility attached.

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To use this payment plugin you will need the Joomla! extension JoomDonation and an NAB bank account with the Transact Direct Post facility attached.


This payment plug-in provides the basic Direct Post support for Visa and Mastercard payments processed in the JoomDonation extension.

NAB Transact Direct Post requires you to have an SSL Certificate installed, and therefore this version of the payment plug-in requires one as well.


Please note the following about this plug-in:

  • local SSL certificates only are supported.
  • standard payments only are availabe through NAB Transact Direct Post.
  • NAB Transact Direct Post does not support recurring payments.
  • NAB Transact Direct Post does not support refunds (you must use their web interface).

These NAB Direct Transact features are not currently available but some can be added:

  • Remote SSL Certificate, (i.e. using NAB's certificate)
  • 3D Secure, support can be added
  • Risk Management, support can be added
  • Amex, JCB or Diners, support can be added

The features which "can be added" are not available yet as we haven't had access to an account with the features enabled to test against, no other reason. Due to a quirk in the way NAB works while we have implemented the features internally we haven't been able to put them into the released plug-in as we can't actually test them without a client account that has the features enabled.

If you require any of these additional features and have an NAB account with them enabled please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the plug-in upgraded for free.


As the payment plug-in works within the Joomla! extension JoomDonation you will need to refer to the following articles:

  1. Installing an extension for Joomla!
  2. JoomDonation extension
  3. JoomDonation Installation & Configuration
  4. Configuring EasyNAB Transact for JoomDonation payment plug-in


The EasyNAB Transact for JoomDonation is a payment plug-in that allows JoomDonation to connect with your NAB Transact Direct enabled bank account to allow you to accept Visa and Mastercard payments directly into your NAB bank account.


Prior to installing this plug-in you should have already installed JoomDonation.

To install the payment plug-in download the current version and install it from JoomDonation Payment Plugin Management screen.

Payment Plugin Management

To locate Payment Plugin Management screen:

From the Components tab select JoomDonation Payment Plugins.

JD Payment Plugins


This will open the Payment Plugin Management screen. From Install New Plugin click the Choose File button to locate the payment plug-in then click the Install button.

Install New Plugin


Once the installation is complete you will see a post-installation screen similar to this:

2. Plug in Successfully installed message


Now the plug-in is ready to be configured, click on the plug-in name ( easynab_transact_direct ) to open it's configuration screen.

The configuration screen, like all JoomDonation plug-ins has several sections, and will look similar to this:

3. Plug in Settings Screen Blank



Basic Details Configuration

Like other JoomDonation plugins the "Plugin Detail" section of the configuration screen can generally be left alone, the most important part is the Published status of the plugin. To use the plugin the Published status must be set to Yes as shown below.


Parameters Configuration

As shown in the screenshot below, there are several options you need to configure prior to using the system.

Plug-in Settings Screen - Example values


Enable Test Mode

When you first install the EasyNAB plugin it will default to Test mode being enabled (i.e. it is set to Yes), we default to Test mode based on our experience with NAB's Transact Support Centre that required testing prior to going Live with the service.

When you are satisfied that the plug-in is working correctly and NAB have enabled your Live account you can set this option to No.

Don't forget to update your Merchant ID and Password to the Live versions as well.

NAB Merchant ID

This value is provided by NAB, in-fact they provide two Merchant ID's. One for Test mode and one for Live mode. Mixing these up (i.e. using the Live ID while the plugin is set to Test mode or vice versa will result in a failed transaction).

NAB Password

NAB provide your Transact password when setting up your account, as with your Merchant ID two passwords are provided, one for Test mode and one for Live, naturally, using the wrong one will result in a failed transaction.

MasterCard and Visa logo path

JoomDonation doesn't provide a way for us to automatically include images for the Credit Card logo — you will need to upload the images you want to use and set the path to them. In our example shown above, we have placed the logos in a directory called CCLogos inside the standard Joomla /images/ directory. For the MasterCard logo this means our example path is /images/CCLogos/mastercard_logo-35px.gif and for the Visa logo /images/CCLogos/visa-35px.gif

Last Step

Once you have configured your plug-in simply click the "Save & Close" button to save your configuration and you're done. Now you can finish setting up JoomDonation and start testing your payment plug-in.


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