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The EasyGoogleCSE module allows for simple integration of a Google Custom Search Engine into a Joomla website.

It's a standard Joomla module installed via the Joomla Extensions Manager and it's only requirements are that you have setup a Google Custom Search Engine.

This module allows you to create a CSE that uses the overlay method (a lightbox effect overlayed over your website and hosted by Google) or a results page (i.e. Google CSE will send your users to a page on your website to display the results). To have the results displayed in a page of your site is easy using EasyGoogleCSE.

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As mentioned above simply install it via the Joomla Extension Manager. After installation you should see a message similar to that shown below.

EasyGoogleCSE InstallationEasyGoogleCSE Installation

After seeing the success message, navigate to the Module Manager and enable the EasyGoogleCSE module and open it to configure the Google CSE.



  • This module only supports Joomla 3.4 or higher.
  • This module requires PHP 5.4 or higher.
  • A Google account is required to setup a Google CSE.


The most important configuration step is entering the Google CSE ID (which you'll find in the Google CSE website when you create/edit a CSE that you've created). You add this value to the field labelled "GCSE Key" on the Module tab of EasyGoogleCSE (as shown below).

EasyGoogleCSE SetupEasyGoogleCSE Setup

You will of course need to do all the normal things you do for a Joomla module (set a position, assign menu's it's to be displayed on etc). You may also want to set permissions and module class attributes but in most cases these can be left at their defaults.

Results Page

If you want to display the results in a page on your website (rather than using the overlay GoogleCSE defaults to), you will need to also specify which menu points to the results page. To do this from the pop-up menu labelled "Search Results page" select the menu item you want to use. In the example above you can see we've created a menu called "EasyGoogleCSE Demo".

Setting Up a Results Page

 The steps to setup a "Results Page" are:

  1. Created a second copy of the EasyGoogleCSE module
  2. Set it to use the results layout
  3. Embedd the module in an article
  4. Create a (hidden) menu item to point to the article created in the previous step.
  5. Set the "Search Results page" in the original module.

1. Create a second module

Create a second module (using Save as Copy works best) with an appropraite name to display your results. Give the module a custom position that you can refer to in your article later (we used EasyGoogleCSE to make things easy).

In your module manager you should then see two modules as shown below.

EasyGoogleCSE Create two ModulesEasyGoogleCSE Create two Modules


2. Use Results Layout

In this second EasyGoogleCSE module navigate to the Advanced tab and set the "Alternate Layout" to results.

EasyGoogleCSE Select Results LayoutEasyGoogleCSE Select Results Layout

3. Embedd the module

Embedd the module in an article using the loadposition syntax between curly braces {} with the name of the custom position you entered when you created the second copy of the module.

It should look something like this example:

EasyGoogleCSE Embedded in an ArticleEasyGoogleCSE Embedded in an Article


4. Create a Results Menu

This is pretty straight forward, create a "Single Article" menu item pointing to the Article you created in the previous step.

5. Set "Search Results" Menu

Go back to the original module you're using for the search field and set the "Search Results page" pop-up to point to the menu item created in the previous step.



Joomla: 3.4+

PHP: 5.4+

A Google account to setup a Google CSE.





  1. Initial Release



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