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The EasyDownloads Menu Module is a stand-alone version of the Download Menu Module from our EasyDownloads Pro! module developed for clients.

The module presents a drop-down menu of files available for download. In this version the files are sourced from a folder within Joomla's /images directory that you specify when you create the menu.

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The module creates a standard HTML form drop-down menu, as such it can be styled by your templates CSS as shown below.

Dropdown Menu

Clicking on the menu reveals the files available for download, selecting one and releasing the menu starts the actual download.

Sample Dropdown Menu - Open/Closed


The module is a standard Joomla module and is installed using the Joomla! Extension Manager.

Upload Package

Simply upload the zip file just as you would any other extension. If it's successful you'll see a message similar to this one:

Successfull Installation


Using the EasyDownloads Menu Module

The are two parts to using the Download Menu Module, the first is the files you want to offer for download. These need to be uploaded to a directory in your /images directory on your Joomla website, for security purposes we've limited the module to using a directory with /images. We strongly recommend that you create a directory specifically for the files you want to make availabe for download by this module as it is specifically built to offer all the files in the selected directory.

For additional security you can change the permissions of your download directory and the files it contains to prevent other from being able to access it/them.  For the download directory a 0600 (or Owner Read+Write) permission works nicely, while for the files you can even be more restrictive with a 0400 (Owner Read Only).

The second part is creating and configuring the module through Joomla's Module Manager. Lets walk through creating the "EasyDownlaod Menu" shown in the image above (from our demo site).

Create a new Module

In the Module Manager, once you've clicked the "New" button you will be presented with a selector for the type of Module you want to create. Look for the module type "EasyDownloads Dropdown Menu Module" as showin the image below:

Create a new module

Configuring the EasyDownloads Menu Module

Like all Joomla Modules you will need to configure some basic attributes, these include the name or Title of the module, it's access level, published state, which position on your template you want it to display in and under which menu items you want it to appear. As these are all standard Joomla attributes we'll just show you the main panel and move on to the EasyDownloads Menu Module specific details.

Module Details


Once the standard details have been setup you can move onto the Basic Options panel which has all of the EasyDownloads specific content.

Basic Options

The Basic Options panel is where you configure all of the options for the module.

EasyDownload Menu — No Security KeySecurity Key: The key is used to create a secure hash for each file to be downloaded. It should be a random string of letters and numbers at least 12 characters in length. If no security key is provided the module will not work and the menu will contain a message indicating the problem, as shown here:

Source Directory: This is the directory of files that you want to list. The directory must be in '/images'. Any PHP, HTMLHTM or .key files in this directory will be ignored by the module. If no File Labels are provided the file names will be converted to the menu item label by dropping the file extension and replacing underscores '_' with spaces. On our demo the directory is called "easydownload_sample_files" and has permission set to Owner Read+Write (i.e. 0600).

File Labels: File labels are optional and if left empty the filename will be converted to the menu item label by dropping the file extension and replacing underscores '_' with spaces. If Labels are provided the drop down menu will use the labels as the displayed menu items for the files. The labels will be used sequentially against the alphabetcial list of files in the source directory. You may have noticed that in our demo the menu has five items but there are only four file labels provided, the fifth label is created by the module from 

You must enter one label per line, blank lines will result in the matching files filename being coverted.

If only some labels are provided the file name will be converted to a label (i.e. if there are more files than labels or if the corresponding line is empty the converted file name will be used).

Show Description and Description: The description is shown above the drop down menu and can contain standard Safe HTML, such as <p>,<br>,<h3> and <ul>,<ui> tags.  If Show Description is set to 'Yes' the description will be shown above the drop down menu.

Please Select Text: This text defines label for the first menu item, it will default to 'Please select a download...' — in our demo we set it to reflect the type of download (i.e. Manuals) as shown in the image below.

Max. Number of Files to List: This is the maximum number of files to list in the dropdown menu. If blank it, it will default to 5, if set to 0 it will list all files for which a label can be found.

File order in menu: The files can be listed in the dropdown menu in either ascending or descending name order.


 Basic Options

Once the Basic Options have been configured you can simply click "Save" and see your module in your websites front end.

CSS Styling

Of course, you'll probably want to make some changes to the way the module looks. EasyDownloads Menu Module uses CSS classes and HTML element IDs which you can attach CSS to.





CSS Used on Demo Site

The demo website had the following CSS added to the Beez20 template's personal.css file.

/* EasyDownloads CSS */
/* Menu Module */
#easydownloads_menu_module_desc {
color: grey;
margin: 5px 5px;
font-style: italic;
#easydownloadsmenu {
margin-left: 10px;

v1.1.1 Wed Oct 30 2013

  1. Change module to satisfy JED requirements (i.e. removed "module" from name)


v1.1.0 Tue Oct 8 2013

  1. Add a secure downloader that uses a secret key supplied by the website owner to download the file.
  2. Added security key to parameters. Fixed PHPCS identified formatting issues.
  3. Update version number to 1.1.0


v1.0.1 Fri Sep 6 2013

  1. Fix empty menu items when the file is not a valid type.


v1.0.0 Wed Aug 7 2013

  1. Add a description field above the menu.
  2. Fix class for module.
  3. Update module description strings.


Initial Release Tue Aug 6 2013

  1. Add core helper class functionality and < select >building code.
  2. Add FileLabels parameter. Add SelectText parameter to allow custom prompt.
  3. Add translation string for Module name.
  4. Change 'Count Downloads' param to disable the 'Yes' option pending EasyDownloads.
  5. Change description of Source Directory param.
  6. Change label and description of file limit param.
  7. Change the direction parameter to int values and default to ascending.
  8. Fix manifest to load languages as a module folder.


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