MIGS Payment Plugin for VM2

Please note, this version does not support SHA-256 as required by the 2016 MIGS update.

MIGS Payment Plugin for VM2 is a VirtueMart 2.0 Payment Plugin that works with Australian MIGS gateways such as the CommWeb implementation used by the Commonwealth Bank.

Stable 1.2.2

Released on
Monday, 12 October 2015 11:00
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Version 1.2.2 is the final release version and is functionally identical to 1.2.0 and is intended for users migrating from VirtueMart 2 that are already using 1.2.0.

  • 1.2.2
    • Renamed to match the upcoming VirtueMart 3 version.
  • 1.2.0
    • URL encode email address so we don't loose specials like @ or _ or other valid symbols.
  • 1.2.0a1
    • Add missing 's' — minor typo.
    • Add UI for new preference to use customer email for vpc_orderinfo hash.
    • Fix "Undefined variable" warning when processing a failed transaction.
    • Fix incorrectly escaped single quotes in Error MSGs from original MIGS supplied files.
    • Fix code style issues.
    • Fix undefined variable warning in _getMerchantTxRef() resulting in missing Order ID section of MerchantTxRef.
    • Remove unreachable code.
    • Remove unused variables.
    • Remove unused database queries for other currency codes.
  • 1.1.4
    • Revert removal of depreciated tag in manifest to support the broken language support in VM2 (seriously)
    • Update version number to 1.1.4
    • Update manifest < install > attribute.
    • Move language files to the new Joomla standard location.
  • 1.1.3
    • Fix version in description strings.
  • r1.1.3
    • Meta update for 1.1.3 release.
    • Add a preference to not record orders with failed payment attempts.
    • Fix order history comment missing sprintf() call.
  • 1.1.2
    • Add missing JText call to result codes.
    • Add a check for approved payment amount vs. submitted order amount.
    • Add additional secure hash checking.
    • Replace all message strings with JText calls.
    • Restore & improve MIGS transaction recording.

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