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Going Free…


From Sept. 1st 2016 all of our extensions will be available for download for FREE… as in zero dollars, in fact you won't even require an account.

If you want to use the community forums you will need the "Free Forum Access" subscription, but, as the name suggests it's free — we only really require it as a minor hinderance for you is a stretch to far for spammers :D

Wait… what now…

The reality is that between the malware infected versions that keep popping up and the dramatic drop in trafffic from the JED that occurred a few years ago when the "new" JED launched and the lack of changes in Joomla that required our software to change we haven't invested anytime in the extensions for some time now.

Given that people are still downloading them from dodgy websites and taking the risk of having their sites hacked I decided it's easier to make all of the extensions available for free.

So as stated above you can download all of our current extensions for free from 1 Sept. 2016.


Support will only be in the form or existing documentation or FAQ's going forward. This shouldn't be a problem as their are plenty of articles and FAQs available (support requests over the last year have all been about adding features… or doing something the extensions were not designed to do… so… yeah).

If you feel that you really do need support… you can get This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

With the upcoming changes to the JED support is no longer available on the current extensions.

What about Updates, New Features or Bug Fixes?

The simplest answer is if someone pays for an update/new feature then the extensions will likely be updated or have features added. Given that all of our "Pro" versions (i.e. the paid extensions) where made for our Managed Web clients (see CPPL) as long as they use them we can expect that they'll be updated to work with the latest versions of Joomla.

If you would like a custom extension or something doesn't work with the latest version of Joomla and you would like it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We hope you enjoy the software :D




p.s. I'll update this post with answers to any questions that may arise… like this one:


Post-post Questions?

  1. What about people that have existing subscriptions that don't expire until after Sept. 1st 2016?
    • Subscriptions pay for support — all "Support Subscriptions" are still valid and any support questions will be answered.They've all expired
    • All Support subscriptions expired in Sept. 2016 and extensions or new support subscriptions are no longer available


EasyTable Pro! Update

You may have noticed, we missed our hoped for delivery date of the next version of EasyTable Pro! Well, we stalled on our Footable update at the 95% point due to a few bugs.

The first is a bug where it seemed that Footable was looking at the viewport size incorrectly.

After a long wait, on Friday we finally got a it confirmed that Footable v2 (the current release) uses the enclosing block (so a DIV for example) to calculate the hide/show breaks and NOT  the viewport. So, what this means is our code is fine, their labels are misleading unless you have the table displayed in a full page width block that is at least 1025 pixels wide. It turns out we should have looked through the GitHub issues.

Apparently this will be resolved in the v3 release (which looking at the issues log on Github is some months overdue, a month ago the V3 branch was due in two weeks, now it's due in a month…).

The second bug that stopped us was the "custom breakpoints" option was not overriding the default values. Again this is looking like it will be fixed in version 3, we considered putting a hack in but since starting on this Footables core has gone from 2.0 to 2.0.1,,,,, and finally last week to  2.0.3. So we've decided to go without custom breakpoints until the 3.0 release.

So, where does that leave Footable for EasyTable Pro! At this point we're at the 95% point for the first Beta 1 release, which I expect to have out on Monday/Tuesday along with a new version of the Joomla Search Plugin for EasyTable Pro! As with all of our Beta's it wil be feature complete, have passed the testing suite and just need real user confirmation that all is good before being released as stable.

Wait! What's that about a new Search Plugin? Oh we've updated the EasyTable Pro! Search Plugin for Joomla 3.3+ and that will be out on Monday or Tuesday as well. While we'll be calling it a Beta version it's feature complete and we only really want to make sure some users have tested it before we label it as a stable release.

There's only a few things left to implement before testing can start, and as mentioned I'm hoping to finish them by Monday or Tuesday.


EasyTable Pro 1.3.0 Stable is out now!

This is just a quick post to let you know that EasyTable Pro!  1.3.0 is out of beta and the stable version is available to support subscribers in the download area right now. As you may know 1.3.0 was announced on the blog a short while ago and quickly went into beta availability, after four betas our stable release is here!

The astute of you will notice that we're a week late on our predicted release of the stable version but we didn't receive any bug reports! So we thought we'd give it another week to see if anyone found any new problems after the B4 release just to be safe, anyway still nothing so, enjoy!

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EasyTable Pro 1.3.0b2 Released

Ah time for another quick update.

EasyTable Pro! 1.3.0b1 has been well received by subscribers since it's release on the 30th June, but as was known there were a few things to fix up (and a feature to add for one of our loyal subscribers - Hi Robert!).

Well, 1.3.0b2 is now in the subscribers download area and ready for you to give a throrough work-out, we think we've got everything now it's your chance to tell us if we missed anything.  Since b1 there has been just a little work done, the base stats are:

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EasyTable Pro 1.3 and Joomla 3.3+

This is just a quick note about the state of EasyTable Pro! and it's Joomla 3.x support.

As you may know from our FAQ on Development Schedules the original goal was to have a version ready for the next Joomla LTS, however, recently that all changed with the original cycle being replaced with a "for the people" release cycle.

Given the changes in the "improved release cycle" it basically means that there is no defined LTS version and in theory, until a 4.0 is released we won't see any backwards compatibility issues. Given the in theory now longer life for extensions on any given version of Joomla we've started work on EasyTable Pro 1.3 which will be Joomla 3.3+ compatible (and still support the Joomla 2.5 line until it reaches "end of life").

So what progress have we made so far… well

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Joomla ReCaptcha Fix

Hey there! Problems with your ReCaptures and Joomla  2.5.16 or 3.2.0 and below?

Google discontinued an old URL scheme yesterday at pretty much the same time Joomla 3.2.0 and 2.5.16 were released which mistakenly led people to believe the updates had broken something. Well they didn't, and they already have the bug identified, and a patch in the queue for fixing it.

In the meantime while we wait for the inevitable 2.5.17 and 3.2.1 (or higher) I've created installable versions of the plugin with the patch in place. (Admittedly the Joomla CMS group are very good at fixing issues promptly).

Just install them through Joomla's extension manager and your ReCaptcha's should start working again.

You can get them from our downloads area.

Huge Changes


Well as you will have already noticed there have been several changes around here.

First up with have an all new Joomla! 2.5+ based website along with that comes a new downloads area and a subscription systems (both of those features are courtesy of Nicholas Dionysopoulos of AkeebaBackup fame).

We've also changed to using the powerful (but somewhat complex to setup) JFusion for integrating the Forums. This has meant a more reliable experience for users once they're logged in, however, it has pointed out an interesting conflict between Joomla! 2.5 and phpBB3 forum software - to work around this we recommend that you login from the main section of the website before jumping to the forums. In fact any of the links to the Forums will present a login popup if you're not already logged in.

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