Easter Break 2014 - Office Closed

Enjoy those Easter eggs! (Which have nothing to do with the original Christian mythology, but rather derive their roots in the Pagan religions that preceded it for thousands of years or even the Zoroastrians.)Did you know that in moderation chocolate is very good for you? Did you also know that most Easter eggs have very little actual cocoa (the real chocolate) in them, in fact they mostly sugar in various forms - which isn't that good for you.We'll be closed from Monday, 14th April to Monday, 21st April 2014. Clients with Priority Support contracts will not be affected. Ad-hoc Support clients can still lodge tickets but they won't be processed until we return to the office on Tuesday, 22nd April 2014.

Bits & Pieces of the Puzzle


See People Software is a brand of Craig Phillips Pty Ltd, and is used for the publishing of software developed by us. We are a small company with just two developers but we like to think we’re highly focused on bringing polished products to market.

Our IOS projects are aimed at solutions for organisations and the family, generally software that helps with the day to day life.

Our open source projects are for the Joomla CMS, although we also do bespoke work for clients that need specific modules, plug-ins or templates.


EasyTable is a Joomla component that imports CSV files for display in Joomla as a searchable, paged table. EasyTable presents a simple, easy to use interface that allows you to covert CSV files to tables in your Joomla database. You can read more here.

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To find out more about us please contact us at our CPPL website.


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